General properties of the drug Adaptol


The drug belongs to the group Adaptol light tranquilizers, who is appointed by the manifestation of symptoms disorders of the nervous system.

Unlike many other similar products, Adaptol not possess soporific effect. Thanks to this feature, the application Adaptol appropriate and in the daytime. The drug is sold in pharmacies as white tablets, which bear the risk of marking a chamfer.

Indications Adaptol

As stated in the instructions Adaptol able to provide a calming effect on the nervous system. After applying Adaptol marked improvement in health and mental activity, it is possible to focus better. However, as evidence of preparation Adaptol reviews, it does not cause symptoms such as increased emotional activity, irritability, psycho-emotional instability. After applying Adaptol there is no sensation of euphoria, as in drugs or when taking potent tranquilizers. Adaptol can be used during work or study, and while driving vehicles. It does not cause impaired motor coordination. But caution during the work day while taking Adaptol be observed.

Application Adaptol appropriate with nervousness, irritability, anxiety, regularly and without any reason there is a feeling of fear. The instructions Adaptol stated that it can be used in combination with other tranquilizers and antipsychotic drugs, mitigating their impact, improving tolerability and allowing possible neurological side effects. The only exceptions are drugs with hypnotic effect - their effect is enhanced when administered with Adaptol, so for the treatment of sleep disorders is recommended to prescribe the drug only in combination with other drugs.

Adaptol assigned to those who decided to quit smoking, because it reduces the need for nicotine. Instructions Adaptol appoint him to such cases in the complex therapy for those who want to get rid of nicotine addiction.

With easy neuroleptic action Adaptol used in the treatment cardialgia.

Contraindications Adaptol

Adaptol prohibited to assign pregnant women and during lactation.

According to reviews, Adaptol may be canceled as a medicine for those who have a idiosyncrasy to the components contained therein.

 Adaptol used for anxiety and fears
 Features of the drug Adaptol

The drug is in pill form Adaptol appointed inside. It can be used irrespective of the diet for 2-3 times a day. The total duration of treatment Adaptol is not more than three months.

In the treatment of nicotine dependence instructions Adaptol indicated that the duration of use of the drug in the treatment should not exceed 6 weeks. The drug is not addictive because of its low level of toxicity, but too long use or overdose Adaptol dizziness, extreme weakness and low blood pressure and temperature. If you notice any of these symptoms, medication overturned.

The maximum concentration of drug in the blood is reached after half an hour after ingestion, according to reviews of Adaptol, the effect lasts for three hours.