Activated carbon

 Activated carbon
 Activated carbon - enterosorbiruyuschee means.

Pharmacological action

Activated carbon - is carbon of vegetable or animal origin, specially treated and projecting a strong adsorbent absorbing alkaloids of natural or synthetic origin, gases, toxins, animal, bacterial, plant, poisons, glycosides, hypnotic drugs, heavy metals, phenolic derivatives, hydrocyanic acid, sulfonamides.

Moderate adsorbing action has activated carbon with respect to alkalis and acids.

Judging by the reviews, activated carbon also has antidiarrhoeal and detoxification effect.

The high efficiency of the drug observed during hemoperfusion in case of poisoning theophylline glyutatimidom, barbiturates.

Product form

Releasing agent in granules, capsules, tablets, a paste and a powder.

Indications for use of activated carbon

Activated carbon take flatulence, dyspepsia, excessive secretion of mucus and gastric juice to stop the processes of fermentation and putrefaction in the digestive tract.

The instructions of activated carbon also stated that it is effective in cases of poisoning glycosides, food, alkaloids, salts of heavy metals, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, in burn disease stage and septic toxemia, dysentery and salmonellosis, acute and chronic hepatitis, asthma bronchial, gastritis, atopic dermatitis, liver cirrhosis, chronic cholecystitis, enterocolitis, holetsistopankreatit.

There is positive feedback on the activated carbon used in allergy, metabolic disorders, alcohol withdrawal, intoxication with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Take the drug is recommended in preparation for endoscopic and radiological studies - for reducing gas production in the intestine.

Due to the fact that the means removes toxins, activated carbon is used for weight loss, but not as an independent agent, and in combination with diet: to abstain from starchy foods, sweets, and alcohol.


We do not recommend the use of activated carbon ulcers digestive tract, bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract, hypersensitivity.

In addition to the instructions of activated carbon it indicated that the drug can not be taken simultaneously with the drugs, the effect of which begins after the suction.

Instructions for use of activated carbon

Is drug inside for 1-2h. before a meal or drugs. The average daily dosage of 100-200mg means / kg, taking it into three stages. Treatment lasts 3-14dn through 14d. it can be repeated.

When poisoning activated charcoal for instructions on taking 20-30g - powder diluted in 100-150ml water. In acute poisoning to start carry out gastric lavage with a suspension prepared from 10-20g powder, after which the patient is prescribed to take into coal - 20-30g / day.

Flatulence and dyspepsia means take 3-4r / day of 1-2g for 3-7dn.

When diseases involving fermentation and putrefaction of food in the gut, increased allocation of gastric juice, means taking over 1-2ned. The dosage depends on the age: for children up to 7 yrs give 5g coal 7-14l children - 7d means adults taking prescribed po10g coal 3 p / day.

Judging by the reviews of the activated carbon, there are two effective application of its scheme to cleanse the body during the diet:

  •  Tablets of activated charcoal
 one day you need to drink 10 tablets. Coal drunk before meals in divided doses;
  • activated charcoal slimming take the rate of one tablet per 10 kg of weight, before a meal. This should not take more than 7 tablets in one go. The ideal is considered to be a scheme in which begin to take no more than three tablets at a time, gradually increasing the dosage.

Take activated charcoal slimming ten-day course, make a break of 10 days, returning to the diet. The good effect is observed after further cleansing enemas.

side effects

Prolonged use of activated charcoal may cause: to vitamin deficiencies, poor absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract. Also, it may be diarrhea or constipation, vomiting.

During the hemoperfusion using the drug in some cases, there is hemorrhage, hypothermia, thromboembolism, hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia, low blood pressure.