A cerumen

 A cerumen

Pharmacological action

A cerumen is a multifunctional tool for ENT washing the ear canal. According to the instructions to the A-tserumenu, active ingredients of the drug are TEA kokoilgidrolizovanny collagen cocobetaine and PEG-120 metilglyukazadioleat. The structure of the active ingredients A-cerumen include surfactants, surfactant action which promotes the dissolution of cerumen in the ear canal and prevents their formation.

Indications A-cerumen

Positive comments about the A-tserumene confirm the feasibility of its use in a number of cases:

  • for the prevention of accumulation of earwax;
  • for dissolving existing cerumen;
  • subject to regular ear hygiene, including after being in dusty places or prolonged contact with water, and using a hearing aid or a headset.

How to use the A-cerumen

According to the instructions, the A-cerumen recommended for use in adults and children older than 2, 5 years. The temperature at the time of use of the preparation should be within a patient's body temperature.

To prevent accumulation of earwax hygiene and regular A-cerumen should be used twice a week. For washing existing cerumen is recommended to use the drug in the morning and evening for 3-4 days.

 Recommended use A-cerumen in the presence of cerumen - 3-4 days
 The instructions to the A-tserumenu use contains the following scheme: half the contents of the vial should pour into the ear, keeping the fixed position of the head for one minute after the injection. After one minute you need to tilt your head so that the remains of the A-cerumen and dissolved cerumen emerged. The effectiveness of this cleansing ear canal, as evidenced by the reviews A-tserumene will be enhanced if at the end of the procedure the ear with clean water or 0 9% saline solution. This scheme of administration should be repeated for the other ear.

Side effects

The instructions to the A-tserumenu not given data on adverse reactions to the use of the drug.

Neither contains the information about overdose and interactions A-Ceram · with other drugs.


Solution A-cerumen is not recommended for use in a number of cases:

  • hypersensitivity to the A-cerumen;
  • perforated eardrum;
  • acute otitis infectious inflammatory genesis;
  • JavaScript shunt eardrum or 6-12 months after its removal.

Age less than 2, 5 years old and painful ear canal, please consult with your doctor about the advisability of the use of this drug.

Additional Information

Shelf life A-cerumen is 3 years, but opening the bottle should be used within a day. Store this medication at a temperature not exceeding 30 0 C, at locations to which children have access denied.