Inna (Inneov) - dietary supplements that are based on natural ingredients. In the preparations Inna includes antioxidants and probiotics. Cosmetics Inna based on extracts of tomato, grape seed and soybeans. The action of the main ingredients of cosmetic products helps to activate the natural repair mechanisms at the cellular level. Annually experts laboratories conduct extensive clinical studies. They try to pick the most effective therapeutic drugs components. All preparations Inna designed for people who want to improve the condition of hair and skin.  Inna Pure Leather - means eliminating acne and mikrovospaleniya

The drug Inna hair density

The drug Inna density of hair is a dietary supplement in tablet form. This tool prevents excessive loss of hair, gives the hair attractiveness, healthy glow, increases their volume. According to the instructions, Inna density of hair is recommended for advanced or temporary hair loss, as well as thin, weak, lacking the volume of hair.

The additive contains three active compounds directed action for maximum protection of the hair bulb, increasing the density of hair and slow hair loss. It catechins of grape seed and green tea, zinc gluconate and amino acid taurine. The unique formula is designed to protect the hair bulb from damage, life extension of the hair shaft.

According to the instructions, Inna activates blood circulation. Microcirculation provides transportation of nutrients, as well as promotes the synthesis of keratin (a structural component of hair). Grape seed and green tea have anti-inflammatory effect and protect the hair follicle from the stress factors. In a review of Inneove it says that with regular use of the tool increases the density of the hair, slows down hair loss. Inna hair density should be taken every day (two tablets a day) during meals. The optimal duration of treatment course of at least three months.

Inna Inna pure skin and skin elasticity

Inna Pure Leather - the first drug that eliminates the internal stress - the main cause of the imperfections of the skin from within. Many reviews on Inneove Pure Leather said that the drug removes acne mikrovospaleniya, improves the complexion, cleanses the pores. Pyridoxine and magnesium sulfate is neutralized internal stress effects. Vitamin C and polyphenols white grapes promotes skin renewal, improving blood circulation. Zinc is a part of the drug Inna Pure Skin has seboreguliruyuschim and anti-inflammatory actions.

Inna skin elasticity increases the density and elasticity of the skin, slows the aging process. Main components of the line (ascorbic acid, milk protein, soy isoflavones, lycopene) make the skin more elastic, acting in its deep layers. They neutralize free radicals, providing an antioxidant effect. The system is designed for all types of aging and aging skin. The preparation stimulates the synthesis of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Means Inna Tsellyustrech

Means Inna Tsellyustrech created to combat different forms of cellulite from the inside. This drug helps to reduce the bumpy skin and fat. It improves blood circulation and restores the structure of the tissue supporting the skin. The drug Inna Tsellyustrech consists of components of natural origin. The aqueous extract of green tea strengthens blood vessels, has antioxidant properties, improves blood circulation. The combined effect of the aqueous extract and calcium provides the draining effect of the drug, helping to reduce body fat.

Maritime pine bark extract with glucosamine improves skin elasticity and firmness.

In a review of Inneove Tsellyustrech indicates that within two weeks of the drug skin becomes firmer and smoother. Reduces skin roughness, silhouette becomes more slender and fit.  Inna Tsellyustrech capsules

Means Inna Easy Feet

Means Inna Easy Feet is designed to eliminate swelling and feeling of heaviness in the legs. The drug acts at both the dermis and in deeper water. At the depth of the tool helps to eliminate edema and normalization of blood circulation. At the level of the dermis Inna Easy Feet supports skin elasticity and activates the collagen synthesis. In its composition has a natural supplement and tonic polyphenols antioxidants.

Landes pine bark extract nourishes drug powerful antioxidants, protect and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. The extract contains a special polyphenol Taxifolin enhancing the overall effect of the drain.

Lycopene has antioxidant properties and high bioavailability.

The first results are already noticeable within two weeks of the drug. Recommended course - one to three months.

Tools Inna Inna Sun and perfect tan

Tools Inna Inna Sun and perfect tan helps prepare the skin to sunlight. They protect the skin from free radicals, provide a stable and tan with protection against photoaging.

Contraindications Inna

According to the instructions, Inna is not recommended during pregnancy, lactation and children under 14 years.