Indian onion

 Indian onions - a plant used in traditional medicine
 People's interpretation of the name of Indian onions sounds like "brandushka." The botanical name literally translates from Greek as "bird's milk", which supposedly was given because of elegant white flowers. Homeland onion considered to South Africa, but the plant is widespread in America, the Mediterranean countries and in India, in China and in South East and Central Europe.

Due to the healing properties of Indian onions in Germany, he is considered a sacred plant, and a prescription drug for the treatment of various diseases, which include onions, passed down from generation to generation. Strong bactericidal properties of plants have been known in the last century.

In the world there are about 600 species of Indian onions, and some of them are very different in appearance. Also, the onion is a popular "material" in Feng Shuya, where it is used to attract harmony and peace in the house, he is the patron saint of affairs contributes to the success of the employment and career growth. In addition, Indian onions is a symbol of optimism, vitality, prosperity, vitality, curiosity and active life position. Widely used bow and florists to create unique compositions.

Outwardly resembles a simple Indian onion bulb. He threadlike white roots and green onion, living 20 to 30 years. It is because the bulbs occasionally grow drooping leaves that at the ends folded into a tube. If the sheet is detached from the plant itself, then it will be allocated a special juice. Adult plant leaves can be 5 cm in width and 1 m in length.

The bulb has a pale green color and white scales, similar to the film. It is under the scales originate seeds, which can then be torn away when they reached 1, 5 cm in length and 1 cm in diameter.

Blossoms Indian onions in November and December, reaching the second or third year of growth.

The use of Indian onions

 Flower Indian onions
 The official medicine have no information on the use of the bow, and he is not listed in the list of medicinal plants. But the treatment of Indian onions are widely practiced in traditional medicine.

Absolutely safe onions can be exclusively for external use. All parts of the plant have medicinal properties which, it should be noted, appear only in the second year of growth of Indian onions. The maximum index healing qualities reach the flowering period, however, the treatment of a piece of onion or sheet can be carried out much earlier. The cure is a goo that stand out arrows, leaves and the bulb itself. Juice has no color, no smell, so easy to use.

The healing properties of Indian onions are enclosed in antiseptic and analgesic effect of the plant. The active ingredients of onion can promote active blood flow to certain areas on the patients body.

Preparations containing Indian onions, treatment is possible in the form of decoctions or infusions have extremely fast action. Parent bulb should be used as the main plant, which later will produce offspring. In this case, the best remedy will germs and small bulbs. From the large bulbs should take only the large leaves even if that part of them is already dried up, because it is in this area accumulates the most biologically active substances.

Freshly cut part of the sheet will be sufficient for topical use. This will be enough to rub the sore spot, the pain will pass within a few minutes, though perhaps a slight tingling. Treatment of Indian onions produced in a variety of diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as arthrosis, arthritis, sciatica, low back pain, and salt deposits in the joints. He also helps with infections and mechanical lesions of the skin. The use of Indian onions can greatly relieve the headache and various colds. Indian onions and warts can be treated.

A lot of famous healers believe bow one of the best tools for the treatment of sciatica, especially chronic. Also, drugs, which include the onion, you can heal the wounds, particularly from animal bites. It is noted that after such a procedure practically does not remain scars. Commonly used drugs with Indian onions for the treatment of rheumatism.

Indian onion is indispensable in the treatment of mastitis at any stage, because it has a very powerful analgesic effect and increases blood flow, and the output accumulated harmful substances.

Harm Indian onions

The use of Indian onions can be dangerous, because the available information about him are contradictory, so you need to use a variety of drugs with maximum caution. Permission is granted to use a few drops of tincture, throwing her in a quarter cup of water. Undiluted juice of the plant in any case, must not get in, because it is toxic. Absolutely all the preparations with the content of this plant is contraindicated in patients with hemophilia.

Externally only be applied to completely clean skin, and should take into account the fact that intensive treatment to Indian onions can cause burns or allergic reactions.

Preparations of Indian onions can be prepared only in rubber gloves.