Zilt 75 mg
 Zilt - a drug used for the prevention of thrombosis (blood clots) in cardiovascular diseases.

Pharmacological action

Action Zilt is aimed at reducing blood clotting, which causes the drug's ability to prevent the formation of blood clots in the cavity of the heart and blood vessels.

Vascular injury involves the accumulation of platelets at this point that by bonding with each other and sticking to the vessel walls form a thrombus.

Zilt antiplatelet properties can not only prevent these processes, but also destroy existing blood clots.

The active ingredient of the drug clopidogrel Zilt is, the therapeutic effect is maintained throughout the period of the platelets.

After the last application Zilt 7-10 days platelet function is restored.


According to the instructions, Zilt is advisable to apply for the prevention of thrombotic complications in the following cases:

  • after myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke;
  • in violation of patency of peripheral arterial disease;
  • in acute coronary syndrome in the case of lifting of segment ST (area on the electrocardiogram), which is usually indicative of acute ischemia (local anemia);
  • in acute coronary syndrome in the absence of increasing the height of the segment ST. which is characteristic of diseases of the heart, as unstable angina, myocardial infarction without tooth Q.

In acute coronary syndrome Zilt should be used in combination with acetylsalicylic acid.

mode of application

It zilt produced in the form of tablets containing 75 mg of clopidogrel. Apply Zilt pills at any time, regardless of the meal.

When occlusive peripheral artery disease, a stroke, myocardial infarction, it is recommended to take the drug Zilt 75 mg once a day.

Patients with acute coronary syndromes and acute myocardial infarction should begin treatment with a single loading dose of 300 mg, and then taken once daily, 75 mg of the drug Zilt. The recommended daily dose of acetylsalicylic acid given in combination with Zilt is 100 mg. The maximum therapeutic effect of the tablets Zilt can be seen at 3 months after initiation of treatment. Duration of therapy in acute coronary syndrome - up to 12 months. For patients older than 75 years loading dose is not assigned.

side effects

In the event of adverse events when using Zilt manual recommends repeal of treatment. Side effects Zilt include:

  • flu-like symptoms, chest pain, fatigue, hernia, dizziness, leg cramps, headache;
  • neuralgia, syncope, heart failure, hypertension, generalized edema;
  • taste disturbance, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting, hemorrhagic gastritis, gastric perforation (through a defect occurrence) of stomach ulcers;
  • stetatoz liver (accumulation of fat in liver cells), hepatitis, hyperbilirubinemia (jaundice), increased liver enzymes;
  • anemia, thrombocytopenia. agranulocytosis, neutropenia, leukopenia;
  • bleeding (gastrointestinal, lung, of the urinary tract, surgical wounds), hemorrhage (in the joints, intracranial, retroperitoneal, ocular), coughing up blood;
  • back pain, osteoarthritis (cartilage damage the surface of the joints), arthritis (joint disease), pain in the joints;
  • sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses), rhinitis, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, shortness of breath;
  • urticaria, eczema, itching, skin rash;
  • conjunctivitis, cataract;
  • heavy menstruation, urinary tract infection, cystitis.

The manifestation of the above side effects while taking 75 mg Zilt occur infrequently.

Also known cases of isolated against application Zilt hypersensitivity reactions, hemolytic uremic syndrome (blood clots in capillaries), membranous nephropathy (non-inflammatory disease of the kidneys).


Tablets Zilt not appointed at:

  • renal insufficiency;
  • acute bleeding, hemorrhagic syndrome (susceptibility to skin bleeding and bleeding of mucous membranes);
  • diseases predisposing to bleeding (ulcerative colitis, ulcer in the acute stage, tumors of the lungs, tuberculosis);
  • Hypersensitivity to clopidogrel.

According to the instructions, Zilt is contraindicated in patients under 18 years of age, during pregnancy and lactation.

Tablets with caution Zilt appointed in the first days after a heart attack, patients at risk of bleeding after surgery or trauma, patients with a tendency to intraocular or gastrointestinal bleeding, as well as impaired renal function, and renal failure.

Additional Information

Keep Zilt instruction recommends at room temperature. Shelf life under the conditions of storage is 3 years.

 Agregal - similar Sylt
 Analogs Zilt

Clopidogrel is the active ingredient of drugs such as Agregal, Plavix (in combination with acetylsalicylic acid), Klopilet, Detromb, Plagril, Lopirel, Egitromb, Clopidogrel, Trocken.

These analogs Zilt have identical properties, pharmacological action, indications and contraindications for use.

Analogs Zilt, like most other drugs, should only be used on prescription and under his control.