Dopamine formula
 Dopamine - a drug that affects the peripheral nervous system.

Pharmacological action

Dopamine excites alpha - and betaadrenoretseptory, improve systemic hemodynamics, leading to a diuretic (diuretic) effect.

At low doses, the drug acts on dopamine receptors, causing the expansion of the mesenteric (intestinal), brain, kidney, coronary vessels.

In high doses, causing an increase in dopamine in peripheral total vascular resistance, heart rate, contraction of renal vessels (can reduce urine output and renal blood flow)

Product form

Dopamine is produced in the form of a concentrate for the preparation of an infusion solution or as a final solution.


Dopamine is a hormone effective in shock states of different origin (due to its less influence on the peripheral vascular resistance, stimulate blood kidneys and other internal organs, less chronotropic effect, a hormone in these states is considered more appropriate than catecholamines and norepinephrine), to improve hemodynamics and cardiac acute circulatory failure, which manifests itself in various pathological conditions.

Instructions for use of dopamine

 Dopamine is a hormone
 Dopamine is administered intravenously: 25 or 200 mg diluted in 125 funds, or 400 ml 5% glucose solution. The initial rate of administration should be 1-5mkg per kilogram body weight (2-11kap 0, 05% solution). Infusion should be carried out throughout 2-3ch for 1-4dn. At night you can not enter more than 400-800mg.

As indicated in the instructions dopamine able to hypovolemic shock, which is accompanied by a sharp drop in the volume of blood plasma are administered together with or replaces it with a solution or blood.

side effects

With the introduction of the drug should be remembered that elevated levels of dopamine can cause a general, local ischemia and a negative effect on the functional status of the heart muscle.

Moreover, due to the large doses of hormone Dopamine may develop tachycardia, arrhythmia, renal vascular lumen narrowing.

If the pressure does not drop, and decreased urine output, then you need to reduce the level of dopamine - a reduced dose.


According to the instructions of dopamine medication is contraindicated in cases of thyroid cancer, adrenal tumors, prostate adenoma, closure glaucoma, disorders of heart rhythm.