Doctor Mom

 Syrup Dr. Mom
 Dr. Mom - antitussive.

Pharmacological action

Dr. Mom - a combined drug of plant origin with expectorant, local irritating, anti-inflammatory action.

Product form

Producing Dr. Mom cough as lozenges, solution, ointment and syrup.

The composition of the syrup contains extracts of Dr. Mom korenevisch licorice, turmeric, medicinal ginger, elecampane kistetsvetnogo, seeds, leaves, roots of the holy basil leaves, flowers, bark, roots Wasicka adatody, seeds, fruits, roots of Indian nightshade fruits pepper cubeb, belerica terminals, leaves, pulp, juice Barbados aloe, menthol.

The ointment Dr. Mom contains camphor, menthol, thymol, turpentine, eucalyptus, nutmeg oil.

The lozenges Dr. Mom are menthol, extracts of the ginger, drug embliki, licorice.

Indications Doctor Mom

Ointment Dr. Mom is prescribed for influenza, acute respiratory infections, muscle and headaches.

Lozenges, syrup and solution Dr. Mom used to treat cough with phlegm and a dry cough, respiratory diseases, lung, accompanied trudnoothodyaschey viscous phlegm (chronic, acute, obstructive bronchitis, bronchial asthma, laryngitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, pharyngitis, tuberculosis lungs, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, flu, etc.). Effective these dosage forms of the drug, and to eliminate the cough provoked by smoking tobacco.


According to the instructions Dr. Mom is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the facility.

Ointment Dr. Mom is not used for skin diseases.

The tool should not be taken with drugs that block the cough reflex (Terpinkod, sinekod, Codelac, libeksin, stoptussin) and are usually used for dry cough. In the case of simultaneous use in the tracheobronchial tree may stagnate sputum, which could lead to propagation of pathogens.

Expectorant Dr. Mom should be taken throughout the day, and the means of suppressing cough - before going to bed for a rest.

Instructions for use Doctor Mom

 Dr. Mom - Cough lozenges
 In preparations for Dr. Mom instructions are different ways of application. The ointment is applied to the skin in the temporal region, back, wings of the nose, temporal area, the neck, covered with a warm dressing (the skin should be intact).

Syrup Dr. Mom give children and adults older than 14L. one - two c.logki three p / day. Babies 3-5l. at 0, 5 ch.lozh. three p / day., 6-14l children. at 0 5-1ch.lozhke three p / day.

Pastilles can be taken only for adults. They resolve them one at a time every two hours. At night you can not take more than 10 pieces.

Dr. Mom solution when administered topically nasal congestion, rhinitis. It is applied to the wings and back of the nose, and then do a few deep breaths. To remove a headache solution is applied to the forehead and the temporal part.

Side effects

Dr. Mom cough can cause skin rashes, anginevrotichesky swelling, itching, hives.