Diklo-F - medication used in ophthalmology
 Preparation for topical use in ophthalmology.

Pharmacological action

Diklo-F is used topically in ophthalmology, as has antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The operating principle of the drug due to the indiscriminate disregard of the specific activity of COX-2 and COX-1, and this, in turn, leads to the immediate suppression of the inflammation of prostaglandin synthesis.

With droplets Diklo-F can reduce eye inflammation, which occurs as a result of injury, infection or surgical intervention. Also, the drug can reduce cramps, appearing in operations, and reduce the synthesis of prostaglandins. When installing droplets main active ingredient - diclofenac sodium - is absorbed into the systemic circulation, with the level of activity in the blood is below the detection limit.

Product form

Dosage form Diklo-F - Eye Drops 0, 1%, with a clear solution, which can be either colorless or light yellow.

Indications drops Diklo-F

Guide to the preparation notes such indications for use drops Diklo-F:

  • prevention and treatment of inflammatory processes in the eyeball, which can occur after surgery;
  • miosis inhibition to be spent during the operation because of a cataract;
  • treatment of non-infectious conjunctivitis;
  • prevention of cystoid macular edema;
  • prevention / treatment of post-traumatic inflammation.


Diklo-F can not be used when:

  • hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation;
  • erosive and ulcerative processes in the digestive tract, which are in the acute stage;
  • hemodyscrasia inexplicably.

With care prescribe a drug for diseases that can cause a bleeding disorder, with herpetic epithelial keratitis, as well as elderly patients.

Instructions Diklo-F: methods of use

 Drops Diklo-F
 Diklo-F is designed for use locally. In order to inhibit intra-operative miosis need to drip medication before surgery 4 times in the conjunctival sac for 2 hours, making a half-hour intervals. For the prevention of macular edema (cystic) should be instilled 3-4 times a day on a drop of the drug, duration of prophylaxis is 2 weeks after surgery.

For other indications, as a rule, the preparation is applied 3-4 times a day on a drop, but the dosage may be increased depending on the severity of the disease. The course of treatment usually lasts for 1-2 weeks.

Side effects

Use of the drug can be accompanied by a number of side effects. For example, authorities can respond to the view of the reception drops Diklo-F blurred vision, iritis, burning, corneal opacity.

You may also experience different kinds of allergic reactions, such as redness, itchy eyes, skin rashes, erythema multiforme, fever, rash, photosensitivity, and fever.

In addition, sometimes the use of the drug can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Storage conditions Diklo-F

According to the instructions, Diklo-F should be stored out of the reach of children and protected from light, temperature does not exceed 30 about C, no more than 2 years.

After opening the bottle drops Diklo-F should be used for a month.