Diklak - anti-inflammatory agent.

Pharmacological action

Diklak - a non-steroidal drug with anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic, anti-edematous action.

The active ingredient of the drug - diclofenac sodium.

Product form

Diklak release tablets that are soluble in the intestine and the modified release of diclofenac solution for injection.

For external use only produce gel Diklak.

Indications Diklaka

Tablets Diklak used for inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the joints, the spine (rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, spondylarthritis, rheumatic diseases of the periarticular soft tissues), as well as during the symptomatic treatment of inflammatory diseases of the rheumatic nature, accompanied by pain (eg, dysmenorrhea, salpingo).

Diklak Gel effectively relieves pain, inflammation and swelling in rheumatic processes in soft tissues, domestic, industrial, sports injuries, degenerative diseases of the joints origin (arthrosis of the knee, for example).

Instructions for use Diklaka

For internal use prescribed Diklak 50-150mg per day (for children older than 15L. And adult dosage is divided into three stages).

Tablets are swallowed without chewing, drinking water. Treatment usually lasts no more than three weeks. Permissible daily dose - 150 mg.

 Diklak gel
 Intramuscular Diklak prescribed according to the instructions, if the disease is acute - a solution 75mg per day (maximum dose - 150 mg). Inject the drug is usually in two steps. Once the patient is stabilized, it is possible to pass to the internal use of the drug.

Diklak gel applied to the affected area two or three times a day 4-8sm strip. (Approximately 2-4gr. Gel). Treatment lasts 10-14dn.

side effects

Application Diklak can cause disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, anemia, leukopenia, agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia, severe allergic reactions, chest pain, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, hematuria, increased transaminases, proteinuria, irritability, anxiety, weakness, headache, blurred vision ringing in the ears, drowsiness, depression, muscle twitching, disorientation, interstitial nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, pappilyarny necrosis, acute renal insufficiency, edema.

Application Diklak in gel form may additionally cause local hypersensitivity reactions: burning, dryness, redness and flaking, scaly skin rash.


Diklak for instructions contraindicated in violation of blood, during pregnancy (third trimester), lactation, are hypersensitive to diclofenac and other components means the diagnosis of peptic ulcer patient's stomach, duodenum. Also, do not prescribe medication for children up to 15L.