Dibazol, injection

Dibazol - vasodilator.

Pharmacological action

Dibazol lowers blood pressure, has antispasmodic action, improves the function of the spinal cord, stimulates restoration of functional activity of peripheral nerves.

Noticed immunostimulatory effect means his influence on the production of interferon.

The drug is well absorbed in the intestine. The therapeutic effect is observed after half an hour, an hour and lasts for two to three hours.

The active substance Dibazol - bendazol.

Product form

A solution for injection, tablets. For children Dibazol released in the form of rectal suppositories.

Another brand name of the drug - Dibazol UBF. Producing it in the same dosage forms with the same active ingredient, and indications for use.

Indications Dibazol

Dibazol used to eliminate the spasms of peripheral arteries (arterial hypertension during coronary spasm, hypertensive crisis), smooth muscle spasms in peptic ulcer stomach, intestinal colic, liver, kidney.

Also according to the instructions Dibazol prescribed for residual effects of polio, polyneuritis, peripheral facial paralysis.

Instructions for use Dibazol

Dibazol UBF at Stroke hypertensive appoint administered intramuscularly or intravenously - 3-4ml (1%) or 6-8ml (0, 5%). At much higher pressure without any signs of a crisis 2-4ml appoint (1%) or 4-8ml (0, 5%), two three-r / day.

 Dibazol pills
 Inside 20-40mg of drug taking two or three p / day for 3-4ned.

For the treatment of lesions of the nervous system of adult instruction Dibazol appoint 5mg drug 5-10 p / d (or c / o the day). The course of treatment after three or four weeks should be repeated.

All the following courses are held at one - a two-month break.

For children Dibazol prescribed in such volumes: children up to one year - 1 mg, children 1-3g. - 2mg, kids 4-8l. - 3mg, children 9-12l - 4mg for children aged 12l - 5 mg.

Side effects

Application Dibazol rarely causes side effects, only occasionally mentioned hypotension, allergic reactions on the skin, dizziness.

During the injection possible pain at the site of administration.

Contraindications Dibazol

Dibazol can not be used in case of hypersensitivity, arterial hypotension, marked renal impairment, peptic ulcer gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by bleeding.

Application Dibazol impossible to patients with diabetes, diseases that are accompanied by a decrease in muscle tone, severe heart failure, a convulsive syndrome.

After receiving the drug should be increased care in the management of transport complex mechanisms.