Cleansing Lotion Deleks
 Deleks - a drug that provides a means for skin care. Most effective in the treatment of acne, pimples and acne.

Pharmacological actions Deleks

From the well-chosen tools for external skin care depends effectiveness of treatment of acne, and it involves the use of sebostaticheskih, keratolytic and anti-inflammatory drugs. It is noted that modern means for external care must possess protivodemomikoznymi properties, not only antibacterial that help combat acne. It is believed that the most effective means to help deal with demodex (small parasite that lives on the skin and is activated by seborrhea, the presence of acne lesions or sebaceous follicle) is sulfur.

Gel Deleks combines sebostaticheskoe (podsushivayuschee), resolving, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action. It contains sulfur in the gel, making it active and effective in acne, which may even be complicated by Demodex.

Product form

Deleks Available in gel form for external use, which is implemented in tubes of 30 ml, which are in a cardboard box. The gel composition includes deionized water, plant extracts, purified sulfur, menthol, polyols, flavor, sodium hydroxide, carbopol and preservative.

Deleks also takes the form of a cleansing lotion for the face, is available in bottles of 100 ml, which are placed in cartons. The lotion composition contains Deleks deionized water, menthol, citric acid, glycerol, plant extracts, fragrances solution, Cato, tsetiol and food dyes.

The main action of the lotion - cleansing.

Indications Deleks

 Deleks - an effective tool for skin care
 Deleks gel is recommended for skin care (both body and face), which is characterized by raised greasiness, as well as a tendency to the formation of pimples and blackheads.

With Deleks can remove red inflamed acne elements: as monotherapy in mild acne in the complex therapy - with moderate or severe form of the disease. That treatment was as effective as possible, it is recommended to combine treatment with Deleks systemic treatment or in combination with other antibacterial drugs intended for topical application.

Lotion Deleks, reviews drug researchers is confirmed, designed to cleanse and care for oily / normal skin of the face and body, as well as for skin prone to acne and acne eruptions.

Instructions Deleks: methods of use

It is used exclusively Deleks externally.

Cleansing lotion must be applied with a cotton swab on the inflamed areas. Dermatologists recommend using it twice a day - in the morning and evening washing. Additionally, you need to apply lotion before applying the gel, for the treatment of acne.

Deleks gel is applied to well-cleaned skin of the body and face 1-2 times a day with a thin layer. It is recommended to use the drug in the morning and evening. If the skin is combined, it is necessary to apply the gel only to the affected areas, and if the fat - on the whole face. If possible, the gel on the face should be left on all night or all day. For signs of inflammation disappeared completely, the duration of use of the drug should reach a week or two. If the acne is severe, it is recommended to use the drug in combination with other drugs that have been prescribed by a doctor.


Any special contraindications to the use Deleks not, the only case where it is not necessary to use these drugs - Hypersensitivity of the components of the gel or lotion.

Side effects Deleks

Side effects from the use of Deleks, reviews confirm this, was not observed.