Dentol a means for local anesthesia of mucous membranes of the mouth to eliminate pain in children while teething, and to facilitate dental pain in adults.

Pharmacological action

The active ingredient benzocaine Dentola is having the ability to reduce the sensitivity of the mucous membranes and skin. After applying the drug therapeutic effect is observed after 1 minute and lasts for about 20 minutes.


Dentol drug comes in the form of gel 7, 5% and 10% gel. Dentol gel 7, 5%, or Dentol baby, appointed in the following cases:

  • pain while teething in children older than 4 months;
  • toothache in children younger and older age group;
  • anesthesia during dental treatment;
  • minor lesions of the mucous membranes of the mouth;
  • aphthous stomatitis.

Dentol Gel 10% is used for:

  • toothache in children older than 6 years and adults;
  • soreness of the gums;
  • minor lesions of the oral mucosa;
  • treatment and prosthetics;
  • dental care as an anesthetic.

Instructions for use Dentola

 Dentol gel
 Before using the product Dentol manual recommends that you thoroughly wash your hands, then open the lid and cut sealed tip, apply a little gel around the patient's tooth.

Dentol baby should be applied to the child's place erupting tooth. The allowable number of such procedures - 3-4 per day. The maximum duration of continuous use Dentol gel - 1 week.

side effects

Dentol 10% Dentol baby is usually well tolerated. Adverse drug reactions may be related to excess dosage or intolerant benzocaine. If the site of application of the gel appeared Dentol itching, redness or swelling should stop using the product.


According to the instructions, Dentol not indicated for:

  • infection in the oral cavity;
  • a large number of injured areas on the mucous membranes of the mouth;
  • hypersensitivity to benzocaine.

Apply Dentol gel during pregnancy and lactation should be careful not to exceed the recommended doses. Dentol baby can be applied to children under the age of 4 months only on prescription.

Additional Information

Provided the drug store at a temperature of 15-30 0 With Dentol be fit for use for 4 years from the date of issue.