Gel Dentinox
 Dentinox - local anesthetic of plant origin.

Pharmacological action Dentinox

Dentinox used for pain that occurs when the eruption of primary teeth in children.

With this purpose it is possible to take a complex local anesthetics (lidocaine polidocanol 600) with anti-vegetative chamomile extract, which can be used in pharmaceutical standardized form.

Lidocaine hydrochloride - is an analgesic, which is received in the safe dose topically. Polidocanol is also considered a local anesthetic that can cause long-term therapeutic effect and long enough to hold onto the oral mucosa.

Teething gel Dentinox comprises polidocanol 600 (3, 2 mg / 1 g), lidocaine (3, 4 mg / 1 g), camomile (150 mg / 1 g), therefore, compared with all presented means individually It is much better distributed on the order of longer retained on the mucosa.

Use of the drug does not cause tooth decay.

Product form

Dentinox Available in gel form or dental solution for outdoor applications.

Indications Dentinox

 Dentinox - a drug used to prevent gum disease
 Dentinox, opinions of experts confirm it is used for local pain relief that occurs when teething. In some cases it is possible to use the gel and to prevent inflammation or irritation of the gums, as well as dental pain or pain in the gums.


The only significant contraindication, which is available for use of the drug is increased sensitivity to at least one component Dentinox.

Due to the presence in Dentinox sorbitol, it is not recommended for patients who have an innate sensitivity to fructose.

Instructions Dentinox: methods of use

According to the instructions Dentinox, it must be applied at the first signs of teething. A small amount of gel (about a pea) is applied at the site of the eruption of the tooth to the gum, and then gently rub. Recommended prodelyvat procedure twice or thrice a day. Time is better to choose or after a meal or before bedtime.

If necessary, the drug may be used when cutting is not only milk, but also molars.

Side effects

During application of the gel for teething Dentinox, reviews confirm this on the oral mucosa may be some allergic reactions, however, they appear very rarely, and the drug is considered safe for health.

Conditions and terms

According to the instructions Dentinox, it should be stored at room temperature (about 20-25 about FROM). The product is fit for a year after the opening of the tube.