Yellow gagea
 Gagea (Gagea) - undersized perennial bulbous plant genus of the lily blossom with small yellow flowers. Vernacular - yellow snowdrop, yellow Gusyatnikov, muscari. The height of this plant is small, only 8-15 cm. Gagea grows in the temperate zones of Eurasia, including Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. It can be found in forests, steppes, mountain slopes, bushes. Of all the subspecies of a common yellow gagea (Gagea lutea) and small gagea.

Medicinal properties of onion Goose

With the purpose of treatment used leaves and bulbs of this plant.

Goose onion bulbs are collected and spring (before flowering), or fall. They contain vitamins (C, B, E, PP), minerals (including iodine), essential oils, inulin, carotene, sulfur compounds, organic acids. This plant is close to the garlic for its medicinal properties, its leaves can be used to prepare vitamin salads. Medicinal properties of onion Goose have long been known, it was used in the treatment of asthma, edema, hepatitis, epilepsy. Yellow gagea has wound-healing and antiseptic, crushed bulbs of this plant are used topically for treatment of wounds and nonhealing trophic ulcers.

The use of parts of Goose onions (onions, leaves) in food allows you to compensate for a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, which is especially important during the spring beriberi.

The use of traditional medicine

For medical purposes, prepare a decoction of the universal bulbs: 1 tablespoon chopped onions boiled in 300 ml of water for 3-5 minutes, and then insist for 2 hours, cooled and filtered. Take broth Goose onions should be 1 tablespoon 4 times a day (for asthma, jaundice, edema). Acceptance of this decoction should be courses for 2 weeks (followed by a break for a month, after which the course is repeated). Keep the broth Goose onions must be at room temperature not more than a day.

For the treatment and the treatment of wounds and nonhealing ulcers apply the juice of this plant the bulbs and freshly prepared mush. Grated onion (or juice) is applied to the wound area (trophic ulcers) on the day. Then you need to change the dressing on fresh.

For the treatment of flu and colds is recommended to take into grated onions Goose onions, mixed with honey.

 Decoction prepared from onion bulbs Goose
 For the prevention of epilepsy decoction prepared with milk. In 130 ml of fresh milk is added a few bulbs (3-5) and boiled for 5 minutes. Then milk broth Goose onions need to drain, cool. Admission is 2-3 teaspoons 3 times a day. Course admission broth - 2 weeks. Depending on the severity of the disease can prolong the duration of the reception.

Application Goose onions in cosmetology

Yellow gagea traditionally used in cosmetics. For better hair growth can make a mask: 4 tablespoons onion Goose slurry mix with 2 tablespoons of honey and rub the hair roots. The mask is left for 30 minutes, after which the hair should be thoroughly rinsed with a shampoo.

Also, yellow gagea used as a mask for the face. If the problem is the following porous skin mask: shredded onion mixed with honey and applied to the face for 10 minutes, then washed off with cool water. Instead of honey for acne mask you can add an egg yolk.

When pigmented spots Goose onion juice is used, it is applied to the area of ​​freckles (age spots) 2-3 times a day. After this finding in the sun contraindicated for several hours.

Contraindications to treatment with virtually no onions Goose. It should not be used only if you are hypersensitive.