Dead Sea mud

 Dead Sea mud, used for medicinal purposes
 Dead Sea mud is used for medicinal purposes as an effective means of balneotherapy and used as ingredients in therapeutic cosmetics. With its help treat skin diseases, musculoskeletal, nervous and endocrine systems, diseases of the urinary organs, metabolism disorders. Masks from the mud of the Dead Sea are used in a complex of anti-aging and health measures for skin care.


Dead Sea mud is a homogeneous oily substance black or dark gray, with a specific smell of sulfur having a high degree of mineralization. The consistency it resembles sour cream or cream is easily applied to the skin and smeared over her, and just as easily removed with water.

Obtained dirt from deep wells at the Dead Sea, and is silt, formed thousands of years ago on the seabed and matured there under sterile conditions, high blood pressure and lack of sunlight. After contact with the air colloidal iron which formed the basis of the "skeleton" of Dead Sea mud, it begins to oxidize, and therefore recovered from the seabed peloid (this term in medicine called mud) requires special storage conditions, without which it quickly, within a few hours, loses its medicinal properties.

The unique composition of Dead Sea mud

Dead Sea mud has a composition that is unparalleled in the world, and which is due to its active therapeutic effect. It is a finely divided solid phase is the basis mixed with the liquid phase, to give it the properties of softness, toughness, ductility. In addition to the solid and liquid phases, Dead Sea mud contains a small amount of organic substances, their origin - plant parts and other organic residues listed in Dead Sea Jordan River in ancient times.

The mud from the Dead Sea is a sea silt sulphide mud, it has one of the highest degrees of mineralization - 30% or 300 g / l (300 g of mineral substances in 1 liter of peloid). For comparison - silt sulfide mud Anapa is just over 3% or 31 g / l.

As part of the Dead Sea mud contains the following compounds:

  • Solid phase calcite, aragonite, dolomite, mica, rock salt, kaolin (white clay), quartz, feldspar, iron sulfide, copper, cobalt;
  • Liquid phase: magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, strontium, lithium, bromine, chlorides, sulfates, bicarbonates, iodine, manganese, lithium;
  • Gases include hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, methane.

In addition, Dead Sea mud contains hormone-like substances, compounds, structurally resembling the female and male hormones.

Indications for use Dead Sea mud

 Dead Sea mud - a means to improve skin
 Dead Sea mud is extremely broad indications for use .  It belongs to a highly active therapeutic substances in strength not inferior potent pharmaceuticals .  It has a complex effect on the body: temperature, chemical, mechanical .  Has antiinflammatory and antimicrobial activity, normalizes immune processes in the body, it has a positive effect on the nervous system and hormonal .  Peloids cleanses the skin, stimulates superficial circulation, eliminates lymph stagnation, improves skin tone - thanks to these properties, the mask of mud from the Dead Sea are popular in the cosmetic industry and are widely used in spa treatments .  There are many reviews of Dead Sea mud, as an effective means against fungal diseases of the skin and its appendages - nails, hair .  Using peloid allows you to activate the process of removing toxins from the body, allowing the body to cleanse and activate the metabolism, which is why such shows the use of Dead Sea mud for the treatment of various metabolic disorders .

Due to the above properties, the use of Dead Sea mud is justified in the treatment of the following pathologies:

  • Skin diseases as inflammatory and allergic and autoimmune nature (trophic ulcers, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, acne, etc.);
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (all types of arthritis, inflammation of the tendons, post-traumatic rehabilitation, sports injuries, arthritis, osteomyelitis);
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system (varicose veins, hypertension, hypotension, peripheral circulatory disorders);
  • Male and female infertility, treatment of diseases of the urogenital area;
  • Nervous system disorders (insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, fatigue, neurotic disorders, fatigue, neuritis, sciatica, neuralgia, paresis and paralysis, including cerebral palsy);
  • Endocrine and metabolic diseases (obesity, diabetes, gout, diseases of the thyroid gland);
  • Diseases of the digestive system (gastritis, gastroduodenitis, colitis, ulcerative colitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer).

Use of Dead Sea mud in cosmetology

Separately should be said about the use of Dead Sea mud for cosmetic purposes .  As mentioned above, the peloid is easily applied to the skin and acts on it actively by stimulating blood circulation in the superficial capillaries eliminating stagnation in the blood and lymph flow, improving tissue nutrition .  Due to the unique structure of the peloid fine, microscopic particles penetrate deep enough to have a keratolytic action (melted the top layer of the epidermis, acting like peeling), and then easily washed off, taking with them the dead skin cells, sebum .  Masks from Dead Sea mud can be applied to the face, tightening skin and producing anti-aging and toning effect on any part of the body, as well as on the scalp .  This procedure not only take care of the scalp and stimulate hair growth and improve their condition, and treat diseases of the hair .  For example, the mask of the Dead Sea mud to be applied to the scalp in the week just a few minutes is able to get rid of dandruff .

Positive reviews of Dead Sea mud apply not only to the actual peloid, but also in cosmetics, include it in your composition.

Contraindications and side effects

Any therapeutic agent have contraindications, so have the substance. According to the existing reviews of Dead Sea mud, most of the side effects are caused not so much to itself, as its misuse. Mistakenly believe that the substance of natural origin can be used in unlimited quantities and uncontrollably. Meanwhile peloid is a highly active substance that requires very careful use, according to testimony in metered amounts. For example, the mask of Dead Sea mud applied to the skin for long periods of time can cause a chemical burn, thus leading to a result directly opposite to the expected.

Do not use this Dead Sea mud in people suffering from serious illnesses during decompensation in acute diseases, pregnant women, nursing mothers, the presence of cancer, mental disorders, liver cirrhosis, it is undesirable to use peloidotherapy those older than 65 years.