White Clay

 White Clay
 White Clay - a natural product, which is used in cosmetics and medicine.

Pharmacological action

Clay is a natural white mineral having shielding and absorbing effect.

In medicine, cosmetics used in special conditions treated clay, purified from impurities.

In cosmetology used white clay for the face - for cleaning and drying oily skin. Clay gives the skin a natural, healthy color, increases its elasticity.

Effective white clay for hair. Masks based on it stimulate their growth, helping to get rid of seborrhea, give hair shine.

There are positive reviews of the white clay used in medicine. Its heat capacity is used in physical therapy - compresses with clay relieve pain in diseases of the joints, damage to ligaments, muscles, wounds, bruises. Also clay improves blood circulation and absorb toxic substances from the site of the lesion.

In dermatology, the product is used to treat various skin diseases, relieve irritation and itching.

Enveloping property of clay is used in the treatment of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Product form

White clay discharged in the form of powder, granules, pastes and ointments.

Indications Clay white

Clay used for the treatment of problematic skin, dermatitis, neurodermatitis, eczema.

Effective remedy for arthritis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, injuries of joints, ligaments and muscles. Use it for the symptomatic treatment of food poisoning, the normalization of the digestive tract, the treatment of chronic, acute diarrhea.

There are good reviews of white clay and its application in the treatment of allergies.

In cosmetology clay used for skin care, hair, as an additional tool in the anti-cellulite program.


Do not use clay, if you have hypersensitivity to the facility.

Before the use of local applications, the masks necessary to conduct allergy tests: apply a little powder on the skin diluted in the elbow on the inside, wash off after 20 minutes. day and observe the skin at this place.

White clay for the face, the body can be used, if not, redness, itching, and other side effects.

Instructions for use white clays

 Clay white powder
 In cosmetology widely used masks of white clay, caring for skin and hair. White clay face is used as a solution: 2-3ch.l. powder is diluted with water (you can herbal extract) to a state of sour cream. The resulting mixture was applied min. 15-20 to the face after warm wash and rinsing with cold water.

White clay for hair and oily scalp is used as follows: take 2-3 st.lozh. clay, diluted with water, were spread over the hair, rubbed into the scalp. The mask of white clay on his head holding 30-40min., Then washed with water and a small amount of shampoo.

In pediatrics white clay used in powder form - as a powder for prevention of diaper rash.

To relieve pain in arthrosis, arthritis, damaged joints, muscles, ligaments make compresses of clay. Clay powder is diluted with water (so that when turned soft tortilla) and heated in a water bath to a comfortable temperature - 45-48 deg, so as not to burn the skin. After warming up warm mass applied to the affected area, form cake, cover film and wrapped a woolen cloth. Keep applique before it cools.

To eliminate the itching and irritation for various dermatological diseases diluted clay powder, paste or ointment ready repeatedly applied to the affected area during the day, while it can not wash off.

For treatment of gastrointestinal disorders usually take diluted clay powder - 10-20gr two or three p / day.

side effects

Reviews of white clay mostly positive. Sometimes it can cause allergic reactions.

At the beginning of treatment and use of the clay inside constipation can be observed that it is normal does not require the cancel receiving means. Constipation takes some time alone.