A Gepasol
 Gepasol - means for parenteral (artificial) food.

Pharmacological action

Gepasol has hepatoprotective and detoxification effect.

Its structure includes minerals, amino acids, vitamins, which are involved in metabolic processes vital reactions (oxidation, reduction processes, nitrogen metabolism, the production of urea, the formation of the protein).

The drug normalizes the concentration of amino acids in the blood, stabilizes blood ammonia, nitrogen balance, improves the neurological status of the patient.

When the body active ingredients Gepasol immediately included in the metabolism, are distributed in the body tissues.

Product form

Producing Gepasol a 500ml infusion solution: Gepasol A and 8% Gepasol Neo.


Gepasol used for parenteral nutrition in hepatic encephalopathy, liver cirrhosis, with an increase in ammonia levels after serious tissue damage, bleeding from esophageal varices, with lesions of the liver parenchyma.

Effective Gepasol and conditions after anastomosis portocaval for therapy prekomatosnoe states, hepatic coma.

Instructions for use Gepasol

 Neo Gepasol
 Typically, the drug is prescribed strictly individually. The dosage depends on the amount of ammonia in the serum.

The manual contains Gepasol standard therapeutic regimen - start with intravenous drip 500ml (40kap / min) with an interval of 12 hours. Therapy lasts until the complete disappearance of neurological symptoms.

Gepasol Neo also appointed depending on the level of ammonia. The instruction contains such Gepasol regimen: intravenous - 1, 0-1, 25 ml per kilogram of body weight per hour (30-35kap. Per minute).

Therapy Gepasol Neo also conducted before the disappearance of neurological symptoms.

side effects

After applying Gepasol in rare cases can arise allergies.


Gepasol contraindicated in hypokalemia, renal failure, hyponatremia, congestive heart failure, hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, hydration during pregnancy, lactation.

Also, do not prescribe to children Gepasol 18L., Disorders of protein metabolism, anuria, with methanol poisoning.

Use only a clear solution without precipitate from whole without damaging the vial.