Lake Volvi

 Lake Volvi vitamins
 Lake Volvi - vitamin preparation that affects the tissue metabolism.

Pharmacological action

The basis Volvita acts biotin, which refers to the soluble vitamins Groups B, affects the metabolism (carbohydrate, fat, protein exchange) and is an important component of the neuro-trophic processes.

Biotin is also involved in the creation of keratin, which is necessary for the structure of the nail plate, the matrix of the hair, promotes the formation of collagen, it normalizes the function of sebaceous glands. All this explains the ability of Lake Volvi reduce the activity of aging, restoring skin changes.

Product form

Vitamins Lake Volvi release tablets.


The instructions Lake Volvi indicated that vitamins prescribed for the treatment, prevention of conditions caused by a deficiency of biotin:

  • skin diseases - dermatitis, impaired function of the sebaceous glands, the process of keratinization of the skin.
  • Diseases of hair - dysplasia and hair pigmentation, their structure, dandruff, alopecia, cross-section, high fat content, dry.
  • Nail Diseases - pathology of growth and structure of the nail plate.
  • Changes bowel disease, malabsorption syndrome.
  • Hereditary diseases with biotinidase deficiency.

There are reviews of Lake Volvi, as the drugs used to treat disorders in the psycho-emotional sphere - fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness, muscle weakness, irritability.

Instructions for use Volvita

 Lake Volvi
 Vitamins Lake Volvi taken orally with water, before meals, one p / day. The average dose recommended in the instructions Lake Volvi - 5mg.

For the treatment of malabsorption syndrome Lake Volvi used a single dose - 10 mg for the treatment of genetic diseases involving deficiency biotinidase - 5-10mg once, with multiple carboxylase deficiency - up to 20 mg Lake Volvi.

The usual course of taking vitamins Volvita - 30dn. nonstop.

side effects

About Lake Volvi mostly good reviews, but the known cases of allergic reactions in the patient after use of vitamins: skin rash, swelling of the throat, chest pain.


Do not prescribe vitamins for children up to 12l Lake Volvi. and patients with an allergy to their components.

No data on the use Volvita pregnant and nursing women, so the question of applying it is better to discuss with your doctor a gynecologist or pediatrician.

Cases of overdose Volvita not fixed, the excess vitamin is excreted in the urine.

Alcohol reduces the level of achievement of biotin.