Pharmacological action


Venitan is venotonicheskim (increases the tone of veins) of vegetable origin.

Anti-inflammatory action due to the properties Venitana being a part of the active substance - escin contained in the seeds of the horse chestnut. Escin helps reduce increased capillary permeability in inflammation and seal their walls. This substance also causes Venitana ability to raise the tone of weakened vein walls as well as a positive impact on fragile capillary walls.

Venitan reviews confirm the efficacy of the drug in preventing the appearance of edema, which is explained by a decrease in the accumulation of fluid in the tissues and venous stagnation.

The structure Venitana Forte, besides estsina include more direct anticoagulant - heparin sodium. This feature prevents the clotting of blood, thereby reducing thrombus formation in blood vessels. Heparin enhances the anti-inflammatory action of escin.

Venitan Forte in its composition is still such auxiliaries as the allantoin and dexpanthenol. Allantoin accelerates local processes and deeper penetration into the skin of heparin, while dexpanthenol increases the regenerative capacity of tissue.


According to the instructions, and Venitan Venitan Forte effective in:

  • varicose veins;
  • a feeling of heaviness in the legs after prolonged standing or pregnancy;
  • varicose insufficiency (swelling of the legs, feeling of heaviness and pain in the legs);
  • swelling of soft tissue (ligament damage, injuries);
  • the need to accelerate resorption of infiltrates after injection and post-traumatic hematoma.

Instructions for use Venitana

Venitan produced in the form of 1% cream, gel 1%, prolonged action tablets and coated tablets and Venitan Forte - in the form of a gel.

 Venitan Forte
 Instructions for use of these drugs in the form of a gel similar. Gel Venitan applied 1-3 times a day to the affected area and gently rubbed. A single dose of the drug is applied immediately, but in small portions. It should be remembered that in diseases of the veins inflammatory gel Venitan not rubbed and carefully applied.

Instruction Venitanu suggests a course of treatment should not exceed 8 weeks. If within 2 weeks of using the gel Venitan did not give the expected results, it is necessary to adjust the treatment regimen.

Tablets Venitan administered orally three times per day (after meal) 40 mg. The maintenance dose is 20 mg, which are taken 2-3 times per day.

side effects

Despite the fact that reviews of Venitane confirm good tolerability in the case of individual hypersensitivity may develop allergic reactions such as hives, rash, itchy skin, bronchospasm.


Venitan, instruction confirms may be a danger to the patients with hypersensitivity to the drug.

Precautions Venitan used in the propensity to thrombosis. Since the drug has no systemic effect, limits its use during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not.

Additional Information

Storage Venitana should be carried out at room temperature.

Useful drug is considered to be within 2 years from the date of issue.