Vazaprostan a drug, it refers to a group of antispasmodics, which relax the muscles of blood vessels and internal organs.

The active ingredient vazaprostan - alprostadil.

Pharmacological action

The active substance vazaprostan has a relaxing effect on the muscles of the blood vessels at the level of arterioles, thus improving microcirculation and blood circulation. Total peripheral resistance creates an increased heart rate and increased blood output while reducing the heart, but do not have high blood pressure. This is confirmed by the opinions about the Vazaprostane.

Vazaprostan increases the elasticity of red blood cells and reduces platelet aggregation, improving these properties of blood.

It has a stimulating effect on the muscles of the uterus, bowel and bladder, as well as reduces the production of gastric juice.

Therapeutic concentration vazaprostan observed when administered intravenously in a few minutes, thereby relieving the condition occurs quickly. This fact is confirmed by the positive feedback on the Vazaprostane patients who took the drug. The maximum amount of active substance in the blood vazaprostan observed after 2 hours.

Withdrawal of the drug by the kidneys and the liver partially.

Product form

Available in vials of 20 or 60 micrograms vazaprostan.


According to the instructions, Vazaprostan shown in these diseases and conditions:

- Angiopathy diabetes mellitus;

- Vascular occlusive disease of the lower extremities;

- Disease and Raynaud's syndrome;

- Vasculitis;

- As a temporary remedy for heart diseases with patent ductus arteriosus.

Instructions for use and dose vazaprostan

Intraarterial, first vial (20 mg) with the product should be diluted in 50 ml saline, half-prepared drug is introduced into an artery with a device for intra-arterial infusion. In severe endarteritis with necrosis, the introduction of a whole ampule (20 mg) vazaprostan.

According to the instructions, must be administered slowly Vazaprostan, once daily, for one or two hours, depending on the individual.

 Vazaprostan ampoule

Intravenous injection of 40 ug vazaprostan be dissolved in 50-250 ml of 0 9% sodium chloride solution, the resulting solution was injected slowly over two hours, twice a day. You can enter 60 micrograms vazaprostan for three hours once a day.

Duration of treatment is quite long, which is confirmed and reviews Vazaprostane. The average rate is two weeks if necessary to take the drug for a month. If within two weeks of application vazaprostan does not give positive results, it makes no sense to continue therapy.

If the patient holds renal failure, then assign Vazaprostan follows with an initial dose which is 20 mg and gradually increasing the amount of up to 60 ug vazaprostan (if necessary).

Patients who exhibit renal or heart failure, reducing the number of allowed saline dilution of the drug to 50-150 ml per day. The treatment of such patients Vazaprostanom shall not exceed one month.

According to the instructions Vazaprostanu, the drug should be diluted immediately prior to administration in an artery or vein. Do not use the reconstituted drug that has been prepared for more than 12 hours ago.

Side effects

According to the instructions Vazaprostanu, its use can cause such side effects:

- Chest pain;

- Decrease in blood pressure;

- Headache;

- Violation of the sensitivity;

- Fatigue;


- Decreased heart rate;

- Indigestion.

It is also possible to change the leukocyte counts, increased liver function tests, and C-reactive protein.

Further, local reactions may occur in the form of redness, pain and swelling at the injection site. This reaction does not require withdrawal of the drug, to prevent it is recommended to carry out the central vein catheterization.


Vazaprostan is contraindicated in:


- Heart failure;

- Individual intolerance;

- Myocardial infarction in history (up to six months);

- Diseases of the lungs in violation of ventilation;

- Diseases of the liver dysfunction.

Additional Information

The prepared drug solution vazaprostan must be stored up to 12 hours in the refrigerator at a temperature of 8 degrees.

During treatment Vazaprostanom need constant medical supervision with carrying out surveys and analyzes: measurement of blood pressure and pulse, observation of lipid composition and blood clotting, monitoring of liver function tests.

If the patient has a cardiac or renal failure, and coronary heart disease, the treatment Vazaprostanom should only be done in a hospital.