Bifosin - antifungal agent.  Bifosin solution

Pharmacological action Bifosina

Bifosin - a drug with a broad spectrum of action, overwhelming dermatophytes: epidermofiton, mikrosporum, Trichophyton, mold and yeast-like fungi, pathogen erythrasma, Gram-positive cocci.

The active ingredient of the drug - bifonazole.

Product form

Produce ointment, solution, powder and cream Bifosin.


Bifosin of instructions used in trihofitii smooth skin, scalp, microsporia rubrofitii, mycosis hands, feet, athlete's groin, multicolored lichen, erythrasma, superficial skin candidiasis, candidiasis of nails and nail ridges, genital onychomycosis.

A lot of positive feedback about Bifosine, used for hyperhidrosis stop interdigital intertrigo.

Instructions Bifosina

Ointment solution or cream Bifosin when skin lesions on the hands, feet, in large folds are applied a thin layer of a p / day at bedtime, rubbing the pockets of fungal infections.

For processing area the size of a palm to treat fairly long strip of cream Bifosin 0, 5, or 1 cm or three drops of the solution.

Treatment of athlete's foot, the spaces between the fingers on the feet lasts three weeks; fungal infections of skin folds, hands and body - 2-3 weeks; erythrasma and depriving colored - 2 weeks; cutaneous candidiasis surface - 2-4 weeks.

For the treatment of athlete's foot hit the scalp is preferable to use a solution Bifosin. Apply it to the pre-shaved area. The treatment lasts 4 weeks.

After using the solution switch to a cream or powder bifonazole. In addition, the powder brake is used for hyperhidrosis - within 2-3 weeks.

Judging by the reviews Bifosin to destroy the source of infection and prevent relapse is recommended even for 10-15 days - drug cause one p / day.  Cream Bifosin

When onychomycosis Bifosin ointment or cream is used to kill mold and remove the affected nail them. Apply a drug p / night with a thin layer, cover the nails or adhesive bandage. Change the bandage should be one p / day. After removal of the bandage or patch nails hold 10 minutes in warm water and take them off the softened diseased tissue scraper. After that, the nail should be dried and again put a cream or ointment, bandage or plaster. Treatment must continue until the bed of the nail is smooth.

Judging by the reviews of Bifosine, the drug acts only on the affected area, but in some cases there is irritation of the skin around the nail. If this happens, the skin to be treated with zinc ointment.

side effects

Bifosin may cause redness and irritation, burning and peeling of skin maceration.

Contraindications Bifosina

Do not appoint Bifosin in case of hypersensitivity to it. Precautions should use it to pregnant women. Under the supervision of the fungus treated with the drug in infants.