Birch tar

 Birch tar

Birch tar - a natural remedy for skin care, hair, skin diseases.

Pharmacological action

Tar birch is antiseptic, has a local irritating, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and insecticidal action.

The use of birch tar improves blood circulation, stimulates keratinization.

Get out of birch bark tar, a part of it includes more than 10,000 useful items, including This fitotsindy and cresol - dezinifitsiruyuschie substances guaiacol with antiseptic, disinfectant and antiseptic effect of phenol.

Product form

In the pharmaceutical industry tar used in ointments Vishnevsky, Wilkinson, Konkova.

In folk medicine used pure tar - it is produced in the form of dark, and odor of the liquid in the vials.

Cosmetic industry on the basis of birch tar manufactures products for hair care, skin.

Indications for use of birch tar

Birch tar is used to treat eczema, scaly lichen, scabies, sore throats, bronchitis, tuberculosis, edema, septic wounds, bruises, ulcers, venous, splinters, fungus on the skin, pressure sores, burns, frostbite, chronic otitis media, psoriasis.

Effective use of birch tar itching skin rash, scrofula, stomatitis, bleeding, urethritis, gangrene, stripes, formed after birth, tumors, leprosy, smallpox, painful blisters, digestive disorders.

In cosmetology used tar for oily, falling hair, skin problems.

Instructions for use of birch tar

 Ointment based on birch tar - Liniment Vishnevsky

Ointments based on birch tar prepared in industrial conditions, - ointment Kon'kova, Vishnevsky Vilkensona used according to their instructions or doctor's instructions.

Net tar mixed 1: 1 with lard is used for skin diseases - an ointment applied to damaged areas.

For the treatment of eczema, apply compresses of pure tar or a mixture of crushed roots of sorrel and tar water. When weeping eczema ointment used: mixed fat and tar (1: 1) as a raw egg was added and applied to the affected skin areas of eczema.

For the treatment of psoriasis in the complex treatment using the ointment, two tablespoons 3st.l tar mixed with honey, 2n. castor oil, one egg white. The mixture insisting three days after applied to the affected skin once p / day.

When focal hair loss, dandruff practice rubbing tar pure or diluted 1: 1 with glycerol or alcohol. After the procedure, once tar is removed from the hair with a cotton swab. Rubbing do every other day, alternating with washing the head.

To remove splinters place on the skin, where it snapped lubricate tar or attach them to a piece of cloth soaked. Usually after 15-20min. splinter already possible to hook and pull.

To eliminate corns on the feet, they applied an ointment prepared from equal parts of tar, saltpeter, sugar. Pre corn steamed (better - in the broth from birch leaves).

The use of birch tar is effective in treating lung disease: tar mixed with honey and drink a spoonful of funds in the morning, in the evening before meals.

For the treatment of skin ulcers that do not heal for a long time, use the ointment: creamy unsalted butter mixed with tar and burnt root peucedanum drug (components are taken in equal parts).

For the treatment of fungus on his feet, clean the affected areas smeared with tar every three days as long as necessary for recovery. During these three days can not be washed off the tar. Apply it to clean skin steamed legs.

side effects

Prolonged treatment of birch tar may cause skin irritation, allergic reactions.

Contraindications to the use of birch tar

Birch tar is not used in case of hypersensitivity to the facility. Before the start of its use is recommended to allergy tests.

Due to the vehicle contained in carcinogens (particularly in high concentrations benzopirina) contraindication birch tar is also pregnancy, preparatory, lactation.