Badan drug
 Useful properties of Bergenia

Badan - a herb of the family saxifrage.

The drug is also called Bergenia crassifolia Badane, Mongolian tea, Saxifraga crassifolia.

The plant contains glycosides, tannins, sugars, vitamin C, volatile, iron, copper and manganese.

Celebrating such useful properties of Bergenia: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, diuretic, healing.

In medicine, use the root and leaves of Bergenia. The roots are harvested in early summer, they dig, wash in cold water, dried, laying on the fabric or paper. Large roots of Bergenia can be cut into pieces. From a kilogram of fresh roots is obtained 250g of dry medicinal raw materials. Properly dried root is well broken, do not bend, break for it should be light yellow or pink. Keep dry root Bergenia can no more than four years.

The leaves of Bergenia drug use less than the root, but we know their astringent, hemostatic, antimicrobial effect. Helps only the old leaves that overwintered under snow. Collect them in spring or autumn, washed, dried in a bag or box of paper at a temperature of 60 degrees. Store dried leaves as root can be no more than four years.

The use of therapeutic Bergenia

Badan therapeutic use elevated pressure, cervical erosion, diarrhea, and other uterine bleeding, fibroids, goitre, tuberculosis, rheumatic disease of the joints, inflammation of the lungs, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, vomiting, nausea, oily seborrhea.

A decoction of the root of the plant is cooked like this: take one spoon a tablespoon of dry raw materials, pour 200ml of hot water, cover and warm over low heat for about 30 minutes. After the filter, wring out the roots. The resulting broth of boiled water is brought to a volume of 200ml. Drink three times a day, a decoction of spoon.

In dysentery helps broth when combined with antibiotics and sulfonamides.

To rinse the mouth with chronic inflammation of the broth is prepared as well, but take two tablespoons of the root, so that it was more intense.

To wash the hair decoction of medicinal Bergenia diluted 1:10 twice a week wash a head. To cure oily seborrhea have to spend at least 10 procedures.

When coleitis, erosion of the uterus do baths and douches decoction. Sit-bath with a decoction effective for hemorrhoids.

External application of broth from Bergenia therapeutic accelerates absorption of bruises, healing of wounds, bruises, sores.

 Root crassifolia
 Useful properties of Bergenia and stored in a liquid extract of the plant, which makes it more concentrated than broth. Take three tablespoons of tablespoons of the root, pour 200ml boiling water, boil to reduce the volume by half. After the extract was filtered hot and squeeze. Assuming it is necessary for 20-30kap three times a day for 2 or 3 weeks.

From the dried leaves of Bergenia brewed tea that tones, lowers blood pressure, increases heart rate, helps with pulmonary tuberculosis, renal disease, gastrointestinal diseases, rheumatism, relieves stress.


Do not use saxifrage healing the tendency to thrombosis, chronic constipation, and increased blood clotting.

Long-term use can cause constipation Bergenia. Given that a decoction of the roots of plants lowers blood pressure, so it is necessary to control its level. In some cases, further prescribe herbal teas that increase blood pressure.

In a lot of suffering can not be taken saxifrage tachycardia, as funds based on it contributes to heart palpitations.