At 10

 At 10
 At 10 - means for treating parathyroid insufficiency.

Pharmacological action

At 10 restores the exchange of phosphorus and calcium. Its active substance digidrotahisterol, its structure and operation is similar to vitamin D2 and calcitriol possesses protivorahiticheskoy moderate activity.

If any of the parathyroid gland means increases the concentration of calcium in blood enhances the mobilization of bone phosphorus.

Product form

At 10 produced in the form of a solution for internal use.

Indications At 10

At 10 under the instruction prescribed for hypoparathyroidism, pseudohypoparathyreosis, tetany, bone diseases caused by lack of vitamin D.


At 10 of the instructions can not be accepted when: an excess of vitamin D, hypercalcemia, muscle cramps caused by hyperventilation, renal osteodystrophy with hyperphosphatemia, hypersensitivity to vitamin D.

With care prescribe At 10 pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic heart failure and renal failure, nefrourolitiazefosfatnom, hyperphosphatemia, sarcoidosis and other forms of granulomatosis, during lactation, pregnancy, elderly patients and children.

Drug Usage At 10

At 10 solution taken orally on an empty stomach or after a meal, stirring with a small amount of water. You can take  You can take the medicine Am 10 on a piece of sugar or bread
 At 10 medicine on a piece of sugar or bread. The oil solution of water do not mix.

When hypoparathyroidism give 0, 75-2, 5 mg of the drug per day for 2-4 days. The daily maintenance dose - 0. 2-1mg. Take a daily dose in several stages. The duration of treatment and more accurate dosage determined by your doctor.

Discontinue use of the drug on their own without medical advice can not be.

During the therapy should be monitored levels of phosphorus and calcium. The first analysis was performed 5-7 days after initiation of treatment and after one or two times a month.

A patient prinimayuschemuAt 10, recommended a diet low in phosphorus and high in calcium.

Action At 10 persists for months after the end of therapy.

Side effects

In some cases, after application of 10 Am allergy occurs.

If overdose observed nausea, loss of appetite, constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, high blood pressure, fatigue, muscle weakness, drowsiness, headache, palpitations, thirst. Application tools should be discontinued and a blood test to determine the level of calcium: an overdose of the substance can cause renal dysfunction, urolithiasis, calcification of the kidneys and soft tissues. For the treatment of diuresis spend comply calcium-free diet, take steroids, calcitonin, bisphosphonate. In some cases, hemodialysis. After reducing the level of calcium in the rate of treatment 10 At renew.