Atoderm Shower Gel
 Atoderm - dermatological complex non-hormonal means to care for dry and sensitive skin atopic.

Form release Atoderm

Atoderm complex consists of:

  • Balansoreguliruyuschego shower gel;
  • Cream for dry and very sensitive skin;
  • Moisturizing spray;
  • Shampoo for sensitive and problem skin head.

Pharmacological action

Atoderm active substances have a calming, antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effect. Means to strengthen the natural protective function of the epidermis and restore the damaged hydro-lipid film, as well as prolong the period of remission and prevent seasonal exacerbations. Atoderm of instructions can be used in combination with other agents for the treatment of skin.

Action Atoderm cream due to the incredible complex components:

  • Natural plant bioflavonoid Tiliroside, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory activity and antioxidant activity;
  • Culture probiotic bifidobacteria Probiobalans contributing to the stabilization of the immune system of the skin and protect against aggressive environmental influences;
  • The biologically active polypeptide Modukin milk, which is part of the cream Atoderm providing rehabilitation care for very dry and atopic sensitive skin. Modukin also helps to restore unbalanced lipid barrier and reduces skin inflammation;
  • Vitamin F, which is part of cell membranes, promotes the normalization of oxygen and fat metabolism of skin cell regeneration and relieving inflammation and protects against dryness, roughness and flaking. Vitamin F is involved in the process of cleansing from dead cells, provides protection from the negative effects of household chemicals and the environment;
  • Vitamin A is involved in the regeneration of the skin, regulates the activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands, as well as improves blood circulation, strengthens capillaries and slows the formation of wrinkles;
  • Butter mushrooms, part of the cream Atoderm, increases the speed of recovery pH, enhances skin resistance to chemical factors and reduce the oxidation of lipids. In addition, the oil prevents allergic reactions mushrooms, stimulates the cell metabolism and prevents aging.

Cream Review Atoderm well softens and refreshes the skin and quickly removes skin irritation.

The structure of shower gel contains natural bioflavonoid Atoderm Tiliroside, culture Bifidobacterium Probiobalans, tea tree essential oil, has a pronounced antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral properties, and hydrolyzed starch, which protects the skin from UV radiation.

The structure consists of moisturizing spray Atoderm Tiliroside, probiotic Probiobalans, oat extract and green tea increases the elasticity of the skin and supplies it with vitamins B1, B2, B6 and K, essential oils, carotene, nicotinic and pantothenic acids.

The shampoo Atoderm are Tiliroside, Probiobalans probiotics, essential oils of tea tree and lavender helps treat psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis, and hydrolyzed starch, creating a resistant protective film.

Indications Atoderm

 Atoderm cream
 According to the instructions Atoderm recommended for hypersensitive skin care. Thus sensitivity of the skin can be caused by various factors:

  • As a result of dermatological treatment;
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Because of the very active cleaning of the skin;
  • As a result of prolonged exposure to extreme heat or cold or frequent temperature difference.


Means for manual Atoderm contraindicated only if you are hypersensitive to make up the components of the complex.

Dosing cream Atoderm

Moisturizing Spray and cream Atoderm applied locally to the damaged areas of the skin that need protection and restoration.

Shower gel Atoderm Review effective when applied to the wet skin to give a foam, after which it is washed off with warm water.

The shampoo is applied to wet hair, lather and then rinse. Atoderm recommended for daily care for problem skin of the head and can be used for any type of hair. Shampoo can be used between courses of dermatological treatment.

side effects

In the opinion of Atoderm does not cause side effects.