SDA 2 - a drug from the group of immunomodulators. For the first time the drug was manufactured AV Dorogov. The active substance he received from the body of river frogs by heating them in a special unit. Initially the medication was developed as a wound-healing, antiseptic. It was used to neutralize the negative impact of radiation exposure on the human body.  SDA 2 - drug-immunomodulator

Comments about SDA 2 and the experiments have shown the efficacy of this drug not only for radiation exposure. Positive feedback was given an impetus to conduct new experiments. Much of the research conducted on animals, so now there is a wealth of experience on the use of this medicine in veterinary medicine. Officially ASD fraction 2 was first allowed to use only for the treatment of animals. Experiments in the use of the drug in humans have been suspended because of the death of the main developer of the drug. However, the efficacy of this drug in the treatment of a variety of severe conditions has led to the popularity and growing interest in the preparation as an effective remedy for many diseases in humans. So, we got wide popularity candles Dorogova with ASD fraction 2 - a list of diseases for which they have a therapeutic effect is quite impressive.

The composition and pharmacological action ASD fraction 2

ASD fraction 2 is a sterile solution with a specific smell, mixes well with water. As part of the preparation are carboxylic acids, cyclic acid amide derivatives of aliphatic amines and compounds with sulfhydryl groups and water.

At the moment the product is obtained by thermal decomposition of the various materials of animal origin - bone and meat waste, meat and bone meal. The decomposition of nucleic acid materials are broken down into low molecular weight structures and freely penetrating into the damaged tissue, achieve the desired result.

The basis of the funds constitute adaptogens - substances that are released from the cell before her death. Adaptogens help damaged cells to fight for survival. When injected into the cells of the human body adaptogens chemically transmit information about the necessity of the struggle for existence. A positive result of treatment is achieved through the mobilization of all the body's defenses.

When oral medications ASD2 activates the activity of the central and autonomic nervous system, stimulates the secretory activity of digestive glands, increases the activity of tissue and digestive enzymes, normalizes the process of digestion, improves the penetration of potassium and sodium ions through the cell membrane.

Some reviews on SDA 2 states that the drug stimulates the motor function of the digestive tract and increases the natural resistance of the body of man and animal.

For external use the drug has a strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates regeneration and normalizes trophism tissues.

Indications SDA 2

Many reviews of the SDA 2 states that the use of the drug is effective in diseases of the eye, catarrhal diseases of different origin, gynecological diseases (thrush, trichomoniasis, vaginal dryness), skin diseases (psoriasis resistant, trophic ulcers), in prostatitis, as well as gastritis, colitis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer. The drug is effective in diseases of the kidneys, urinary incontinence, cancer, hypertension, diseases of the pancreas and liver.  The dosage form of ASD fraction 2 - sterile solution

The drug can be used for prevention of influenza, pneumonia, acute respiratory infections. Especially effective is the drug in the early signs of the disease.

SDA 2 - Instructions for use

There is a standard version of the drug SDA 2, although some diseases are already working out with some peculiarities.

Ingest medication should only be diluted. Every five or six days of you must make a break for two or three days. SDA 2, under the instruction of some doctors and healers should be taken twice a day before meals. However, the creator of the drug A. Dorogov considered that this product can work in the human body for about six hours. According to his instructions, SDA 2 should be taken four times a day before meals. It is forbidden to use the SDA joint 2 with alcohol.

At the beginning of the treatment the drug taken for five days, then make a break for three days, but after the break, repeat the course. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disease.

For external use SDA 2 (for irrigation, enemas, washing wounds) must be diluted (dilution of 1 to 20%). This drug can be used to prepare ointments.

Side effects SDA 2

In the initial period of admission SDA 2 are nausea, dizziness and other unpleasant sensations. In this case, you should immediately stop the treatment.

The therapeutic effect of the drug is dependent on the individual characteristics of the human body. Some people have two or three weeks of taking the drug feel a surge of strength and lightness. But it also happens that the prolonged use of the drug does not give any positive results.