Asklezan tablets
 Asklezan - agent for the treatment of vascular diseases of the feet.

Pharmacological action

In preparation Asklezan contains extracts of arnica, horse chestnut, leaves, cranberries, Japanese Sophora, rosemary oil, paraffin wax, citric acid, alcohols tsetilstearinovye, piyavit, sodium hydroxide.

Arnica extract reduces inflammation and swelling, analgesic, has antimicrobial action.

Horse chestnut extract improves blood flow in the veins, improves their tone, slows blood clotting and helps prevent thrombosis, anti-inflammatory effect.

Leaves cranberries tone with vitamins skin, improve metabolism, strengthen the capillaries.

Sophora japonica strengthens blood vessels.

Forest hazel improves blood circulation in the veins of the legs, increases lymphatic drainage, helps with thrombophlebitis, heaviness and pain in legs, prevents cellulite.

Rosemary oil and cool tones, relieves fatigue and pain, stimulates blood flow.

Piyavit reduces the viscosity of the blood, promotes the resorption of blood clots, pain relievers, anti-inflammatory effect. It helps with thrombophlebitis - improves peripheral circulation, reduces pain, heals sores.

A lot of positive feedback about Asklezane, used to remove spider veins, bluish spots, swelling in the legs.

Form release Asklezana

Release capsules, tablets and gel Asklezan Asklezan.


 Gel Asklezan
 The drug is used to relieve pain, cramps, swelling and heaviness in the legs, for the healing of venous leg ulcers, varicose veins, and remove reticula Stars.

In addition, the instructions Asklezana indicated that it may be used in preparation for surgery on veins for the treatment of thrombophlebitis, hemorrhoids, prevention and early treatment of cellulite.

Tablets and capsules Asklezan recommend taking for the prevention of vascular diseases of the feet for those who have unfavorable heredity, excess weight or those who physically works hard, spends a lot of time sitting or standing.

Instructions Asklezana

Capsules and tablets Asklezan take 2-3 p / day for one thing, washing it down with water.

Asklezan gel applied to the skin of legs with varicose veins are two or three p / day and rubbed with light massage movements.

Side effects of the gel and capsules Asklezan

Judging by the reviews, Asklezan can cause allergies.


When hypersensitive to the components of Asklezan instructions can not be taken.

Is contraindicated in children under the drug 12l, lactating and pregnant women.