Ilizarov apparatus is intended for fixation of fractures ununited
 Ilizarov apparatus in the early fifties of the twentieth century has created a well-known Soviet surgeon Mr. .  A .  Ilizarov .  Apparatus manufactured Ilizarov consists of four metal skeletal traction spokes, fixed on two rings interconnected and movable rods .  Over the years, this device was improved gradually .  Modern Ilizarov apparatus is made of titanium with a high strength .  The modern design of the spokes are used instead of titanium or carbon fiber rods .  Hard rings therein are replaced by a plate half-circles and triangles .  Enough light and small in size modern medical apparatus is widely used in traumatology, in aesthetic medicine and orthopedics for correction of body proportions, the curvature of the legs, congenital deformities, clubfoot, developmental abnormalities of the foot bones .  This device is used for rickets, pseudarthrosis, for fractures of various localization and complexity, as well as to increase the growth in systemic disease of the skeleton, for the treatment of joint contractures, to eliminate the defects of soft tissue and bone arising after tumor, infection or injury .

Installation of the Ilizarov fixator

The compression-distraction Ilizarov apparatus for distraction (stretching) or compression (squeeze), as well as for long-term fixation of separate fragments of bone. In any bones fracture edges may shift as the muscles are pulling them in different directions. Use of the Ilizarov fixator on his leg or arm fracture prevents displacement of the bone fragments. He fixes the non-united fractures and false joints and requires no additional plaster immobilization. Along with the treatment of false joints and fractures ununited device has been successfully used for the correction of limb length.

The process of installing the Ilizarov fixator on his leg or arm fracture occurs as follows. After each piece of bone fracture in the drill carried out by two spokes, crisscrossing them at right angles. A pair of the spokes of each bone fragment fixed and secured in the ring (semicircle) with a special key. When twisting the screws on the movable rods varies the distance between the rings. Convergence provides compression rings between the edges of the fragments. Due to the deformation of the spokes compression force is gradually decreasing. Therefore, the tension of the spokes is necessary to control and regulate every day. Skillfully manipulating the movable bars can eliminate the offset of the axis of fragments, angular deformation, as well as to produce a closed reposition of bone fragments.

Leg lengthening Ilizarov performed in stages. First patient impose a unit, then produce bone dissection (osteometry) and fix the fragments using orthopedic aids. The gradual extension of the legs (distraction) begin about a week after surgery. The rate of elongation of the limbs of one millimeter per day. The rate of distraction depends on individual tolerance of the procedure the patient. Thus, the duration of distraction during limb lengthening five centimeters is from 50 to 75 days. Fixation period begins after the end of leg lengthening. Usually during fixation lasts twice as long a period of distraction.

About a month later held a second surgery on the limb. Operation of limb lengthening is performed under general anesthesia. Walking with crutches the patient can already on the second day. During the rehabilitation of the patient is recommended to swim and walk.

Ilizarov apparatus is also used to eliminate the curvature of the limbs. During the operation, the bone is dissected in the area of ​​its deformation, and then fixed in the correct position by means of the apparatus. Installing the Ilizarov apparatus is to carry through the bones of the spokes and the introduction of the rods. Fixing leg shape can be both gradual (deformation is eliminated by the daily correction) and a one-time (correction is performed directly during surgery). Daily correction is made by the patient. The device is removed after the bone fused in the correct position. Modern Ilizarov apparatus; They have relatively small dimensions, so the patient can properly move almost immediately after surgery.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Ilizarov fixator

Installing the Ilizarov apparatus allows to reduce the time fracture healing and reduce the likelihood of a false joint is almost zero. A partial load on the injured limb is possible on the second or third day after the procedure.

 Ilizarov apparatus can be used to align the extremities
 However, this device has some disadvantages. Rings often interfere with normal sit and lie. The puncture site after removal of the device are dotted scars. Some reviews on the Ilizarov apparatus is said that when it is used in many patients there are swelling and aching pain, interfere with sleep.

Removing the Ilizarov fixator

Remove the unit can only be a specialist. As they say the reviews, the Ilizarov apparatus often removed without anesthesia.

After removing the Ilizarov apparatus on the affected limbs are small sores that heal pretty quickly. To speed up the healing of wounds can be treated disinfecting agents. Over time, the removed device are almost invisible scars.