Eros - intimate cream, issued separately for women and men. Cream of Eros for Women enhances the libido and provides psychological comfort during coitus. Eros for men increases the penis, increases the potency and increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

The composition of Eros

 Cream of Eros will help in the healing of micro traumas on the female genital organs and accelerate the onset of orgasm
 The composition of Eros for Men includes sandalwood oil, essential oils of fir, lavender and sage, salt, copper, biocomplex hlormetilsilatrana, Bergenia, olive oil extract, camphor and pepper.

The structure of the female cream Eros include fir oil, sea buckthorn oil, vitamin extracts taiga herbs aphrodisiac, lavender essential oil, Rhaponticum carthamoides.

Indications of Eros

Male Eros increases penis by 2-6 cm in length and up to 3 cm in diameter. This intimate means of improving the quality and prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse, stimulates and strengthens the erection, increases male potency. In addition, the cream Eros is an excellent preventive measure that protects against infections such as trichomoniasis, chlamydia, tsitalomegavirus. By all accounts, Eros good treats various sexual disorders. Intimate cream can be used for skin care intimate zone. In addition, it promotes rapid healing of wounds and cracks. The cream composition are present synthetic substances and elements deleteriously affecting the latex. Therefore, eros is suitable for use with a condom.

Eros for women has a positive effect on the microflora of the vagina, accelerates the onset of orgasm, relieves symptoms of thrush and protects against female ailments. Intimate cream provides intercourse psychological comfort women, and is an excellent prevention to prevent a variety of infections transmitted through sexual contact. Application Eros well heals irritation, erosion and microtrauma to the female genital organs, protects against trichomoniasis, and hlamadioza tsitalomegavirusa.

Contraindications to the use of Eros

 Eros for men improves potency and protects against infections
 The instructions to Erosilu stated that it is not recommended for persons with hypersensitivity to ingredients of cream, namely: lavender, fir and sea buckthorn oil, Rhaponticum carthamoides and others.

Contraindications to the use of Eros is cardiovascular disease.

side effects

No reviews Erosile respect of adverse side effects have been reported.

Advantageously, reviews Erosile only positive. In particular, it noted the effectiveness of the male half of the funds in relation to penis enlargement.