Bilberry forte

Blueberries fort - dietary supplement for the eyes.  Dietary supplement bilberry forte
 Bilberry forte relieves irritation, protects the eyes from fatigue, improves vision, increases the adaptation of the eye under dark conditions, and strengthens blood vessels eye, maintains the level of the eyes required nutrients. Reviews of blueberries forte positive as it is a safe and effective supplement. Anthocyanosides contained in blueberries, improve the regeneration of light-sensitive pigment of the retina, as well as increase the sensitivity of the retina to light level changes, improves visual acuity with reduced light. Included in the Blueberry Fort substances increase the elasticity of the cell membrane, improve blood circulation in the retina of the eye.

The composition of the additive Bilberry forte

Blueberry extract and vitamin C, bioflavonoids improve blood circulation, reduce intraocular pressure, have antioxidant properties, and also have an antimicrobial effect and promote healing of micro.

B vitamins support the intracellular metabolism, relieve congestion eye tissue, reduce eye strain, and are also protected by cataracts.

Part of the Blueberry Fort zinc protects the organs of damage provoked by excessively bright light, is involved in antioxidant reactions. Zinc deficiency is associated with such diseases as retinal detachment, optic neuritis, blepharitis, decreased color vision, cataract.

Indications Supplements Bilberry forte

According to the instructions, Bilberry Forte is indicated for:

  • increased load on the eyes (longer stay behind the wheel, work at the computer, work in bright light);
  • a set of measures aimed at preventing visual loss;
  • carrying out complex treatment of vascular pathology eyes, glaucoma, cataracts, myopia;
  • night blindness.

Contraindications Supplements Bilberry forte

According to the instructions, Bilberry forte is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the components as well as the age of three.

Product form

Dietary supplement bilberry forte is available in tablet form: pills to 0, 25 g, in the packing 150, 100, 50 tablets.

Dosing Bilberry forte dosage

Bilberry forte eye intended for oral administration. The dosage is two tablets twice daily. The tablet is recommended to take meals. Bilberry forte take supplements, you can long time (several months). Let's say ten-day break in the course of treatment.  Supplements Bilberry forte with lutein


When you receive supplements Bilberry forte at the indicated doses overdose is impossible. In case of accidental consumption of large doses conducted nonspecific treatment: gastric lavage, oral chelators.

Interaction Blueberry forte with other drugs

It does not describe the interaction of the dietary supplement with other drugs.


The structure of the fort includes Blueberry fructose instead of sucrose, which makes it possible to use an additive to patients suffering from diabetes.

storage conditions

Store Supplements Bilberry forte should be at room temperature.

Reviews of blueberries forte

This supplement is well established in the treatment and prevention of eye diseases, is well tolerated, it has no side effects, safety, and reviews of blueberries forte from positive patients.

Before using supplements is recommended to consult a doctor, as well as a detailed examination of the instructions in the blueberries forte.