Flowers of lime

Pharmacological action

 Linden blossoms
 Rhode Linden has about thirty species of trees and over a hundred species of hybridogenic. Trees characterizes the mighty trunk, dense crown and longer life - on average more than 300 years. The most common type - small-leaved lime, which is used as a medicinal, melliferous, technical and food plant.

Linden blossom begins at 20-30 year of life, usually in June or July for two weeks. Gather the flowers linden blossoms when more than half the colors, and the rest are at the stage of budding.

Dried linden flowers collected in a well-ventilated area in the shade on the air or in special kilns at temperatures not above 45 degrees. From 1 kg of fresh flowers by an average obtained 300 g of dry raw materials. When stored properly, its medicinal properties linden flowers do not lose over 3 years.

Medicinal properties of linden flowers have long been known and are used in traditional and folk medicine. Linden flowers contain a bitter and tannins, essential oils, saponins, flavonoids, vitamins, sugar, coumarin, wax, glucose, carotene, micro and macro. Medicinal properties of linden flowers allows their use as a diaphoretic, sedative, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and astringent to improve the secretion of gastric juice, sweating, increased secretion of digestive glands and facilitate the outflow of bile.

Linden Linden used to produce coal, used as an absorbent for tuberculosis, food poisoning, diarrhea and stomach diseases as an external agent for the treatment of open wounds bleeding. From lime wood get tar, which is widely used for the treatment of eczema. Linden harvested in winter bark is used as a cholagogue. Fresh chopped kidney Linden used as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent for burns.

Product form

Flowers of lime produced in the form of crushed materials plant in packs of 100 g

Also lime color used in the various drugs charges and dietary supplements.


Linden flowers are used as a diaphoretic diuretic, expectorant and antibacterial agent for colds.

Also, linden flowers in the form of rinses used for gingivitis, stomatitis, sore throat or laryngitis.

Topically in the form of lotions lime color can be used for edema, inflammation of hemorrhoids, rheumatism and gout.


For a long time tea linden flowers are used with caution due to the exciting action on the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Mode of application

Typically, linden flowers are used in the form of lime tea for colds, diseases of the throat, headaches, lobar pneumonia. Hot tea is usually drunk at night.

Externally the infusion of linden flowers are used for rinsing the mouth and throat with gingivitis, stomatitis, sore throat and laryngitis. Infusion of linden flowers are used to prepare baths in the treatment of nervous diseases.

Quite often used for weight loss linden flowers. It should be remembered that the linden flowers - especially herb and can not be used without a break for a long time.

 Flowers of lime
 Linden flowers slimming take for yourself, in the form of tea or dry grinding of lime blossom, or in combination with other herbs, such as chamomile and birch buds.

Cooked tea is used daily before meals.

Also, the effect of the application of lime blossom diet increases if used medicinal infusions after a bath or sauna.

Storage conditions

Flowers of lime, as well as other herbal preparations sold without medical prescription and store up to 3 years.