In the Urals

In the Urals - a tool that is used to prevent the formation and dissolution of urinary stones.

Pharmacological action

There is Ural  Packing Ural Do
 a mixture of salts of strong bases in conjunction with weak acids. When dissolved in water, it dissociates into ions permanently maintained alkaline urine (alkalosis), and adjusted the pH within 6 2 - 7, 5. With such the acidity of urine uric acid salts remain in solution and can not form stones. This reflects the effect of the drug nefroliticheskoe. Reaction to a dose-dependent.

Alkalosis reduces the absorption of citrate in the renal tubules and increases its excretion. In this case also reduced urinary excretion of calcium.

In the Urals, and almost all quickly absorbed from the digestive tract, bioavailability of its approximately 100%. It is almost completely metabolized in the body. Excreted in the urine. In the treatment of data means there is no change of electrolyte or blood gas.

Form release Uralita Do

The drug is produced in the form of granules for solution inside the package contains 280 g

Indications have Uralita

According to the instructions Urals have used to prevent the formation and dissolution of uric acid and calcium-existing stones in urolithiasis, including the stones in the bladder. When urikozurii and late skin porphyria drug acting pathogenesis, alkalizes urine.

This tool is included in the treatment regimen of cytotoxic drugs to prevent possible complications.


The drug is not used in the case of acute or chronic renal and heart failure, in severe metabolic alkalosis, confirmed by laboratory, in the case of chronic urinary tract infections caused by microorganisms that break down urea, intolerance of the tool if you want to stick to a strict diet without salt, for example, for kidney disease or hypertension. Do not get feedback about the Urals have for children under 12 years of age and in pregnant and breastfeeding women, so their treatment with this drug is not recommended.

Instructions for use Uralita Do

By means of the instructions are inside, dissolving granules in a glass of water. Dose picked individually, depending on the response of urine. The reaction of fresh urine measured by the indicator papers. Do it before each regular medication. For this indicator is wetted with urine and within 2 minutes compared to the gray scale. It enables to determine the acidity of urine within 5, 4 - 7, 4. In the case of treatment of cystine stones and late skin porphyria use special indicator with a range of pH 7, 2 - 9, 7.

The average dose  Granular Ural In
 At Uralita is 4 measuring spoons per day (1 - in the morning, 1 - day, 2 - night). It is important to maintain the pH value within a desired range. When cystine stones is 7, 5 - 8, 5, urolithiasis, urikozurii 6, 2 - 6, 8, 7, porphyria, 2 - 7, 5, the treatment with cytostatics - 7 0. If the values ​​of pH higher then reduce the dose - less than an evening reception at 0, 5 tablespoons, if the pH is lower, increase the dose of 0, 5 measuring spoon.

As for the reviews URAL have while taking aluminum-containing agents can increase the absorption of aluminum ions in the blood, it is necessary to maintain the interval between them at least 2 hours.

The treatment may be prolonged, with or without interruptions, the average 1 - 6 months. The duration of treatment determined by the doctor.

Side effects

In the opinion of the Ural it has tolerated well, very rarely causing nausea, vomiting, flatulence, and abdominal pain, diarrhea. As a rule, they are alone.