Sedative herbal tea

 Sedative herbal tea 50g

Sedative herbal tea - a collection of plants that have a sedative effect.

Pharmacological sedation fees

Created six types of fees with a sedative effect, in which different combinations are practically the same plants with soothing properties.

The collection under the №1 includes valerian root, leaves and mint watch, hop cones. Collection helps with insomnia and increased irritability.

Collection №2 includes mint leaves, cumin and fennel fruit, roots valerian, chamomile. Collection of herbs soothes, relieves spasms in the gut, helps with flatulence.

The collection of herbs №3 included motherwort, fennel and caraway fruit, valerian roots. Reviews soothing collection №2 confirm that herbs included in it, help to eliminate irritability and excessive nervous excitement.

The composition of soothing collection includes №4 watch leaves, mint and valerian root.

Collection №5 includes chamomile, caraway seeds and roots of valerian.

The collection includes №6 hop cones, rose hips, valerian root, Leonurus, mint leaves.

Designed and special soothing collection for children. It contains the roots of wheat grass, licorice and marshmallow, fennel fruit, flowers romashkiUstanovleno that an additional fee has antispasmodic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, blood-purifying effect.

Product form

Charges produced in the filter bags and in the form of particulate drug material.

Indications for use of sedatives fees

Herbal teas with sedation administered with increased nervous irritability, insomnia.

There are good reviews soothing fennel fees as a part of - they have a moderate effect, help with intestinal cramps and excessive gas formation.

Fees, which include valerian and motherwort, may be administered for the treatment of early stage hypertension.

How to use sedatives fees

All of these charges are welded from this calculation: 1-2 tablespoons of herb mixture to 200-400 ml of boiling water. Decoction of fees №№1, 2, 4, 5, insist 20 minutes, collecting №3 - before cooling and collecting №6 - 1:00. All broths prior to use is passed through a filter.

In most cases broths designate take one glass per day, in two divided doses. For insomnia, intestinal cramps, flatulence one time recommended before bedtime. More precise dosage must appoint a physician watching.

Sedative herbal tea brewed for kids like this: two tablespoons of herb mixture pour 200 ml of boiling water, boil for another 20 minutes. Give your child a warm broth, one teaspoon before bedtime or before a meal.

In applying the fees from hypertension should adhere strictly to the scheduled dosage and monitor the level of pressure - to prevent the development of hypotension.

The filter bags brewed on the basis of the above-mentioned dosages and weight of the package.

side effects

Herbs included in the soothing charges may provoke allergies, if a person observed their idiosyncrasy. There is evidence that some patients sedation is accompanied by daytime sleepiness, lethargy.

When used incorrectly, broths and overdose may notice reduced performance, muscle weakness, drowsiness. If you notice such signs of overdose and paradoxical symptoms - increased irritability or sleep disturbance, for example, reduce the dose or discontinue the use of infusions at a time, to consult a doctor and, if necessary, replace the medicine.

 Sedative herbal tea preparation

Contraindications soothing fees

If you are allergic to components of the charges can not use them.

During treatment, take into account that the herbs that make up the fees may increase the effects of drugs that depress the nervous system, hypnotics.

In addition, caution should be used with fees for those who drives a car - herbs can slow psychomotor reactions and bad impact on care. About this adverse effect of plants and warn those who engage in potentially hazardous activities.