sodium sulfate

 Sodium sulfate - a saline laxative
 Sodium sulfate - laxative.

Pharmacological action

Sodium sulfate - a saline laxative.

The drugs are based on the slow absorption of salt in the intestine, so it accumulates water, irritated receptors of intestinal mucosa, increases peristalsis, liquefies and displays the contents of the intestine.

The use of sodium sulfate unlike laxatives of vegetable origin, allows the bowels along its entire length.

The laxative effect of the drug is manifested through 4-6ch. after application.

The tool also helps bile output, so it can be prescribed to relieve swelling.

Product form

Producing sodium sulfate powder for solution for internal use.

Synonyms: sodium sulphate, Glauber's salt.

Indications sodium sulfate solution

The main purpose of the drug - treatment of acute constipation. Also effective is the use of sodium sulfate in preparation for the diagnostic, therapeutic procedures, surgical manipulations to the gut.

It helps drug and food poisoning, as active substance and arrival delays absorption poisons into the bloodstream.

A solution of sodium sulfate is also used after undergoing anthelminthic therapy. This allows you to bring the dead parasites and their metabolic products from the intestine and thus prevent intoxication.

Some experts recommend the use of funds in preparation for therapeutic fasting. It is believed that the remains of food in the gut adversely affect the state of health at the beginning of fasting, especially for beginners.

mode of application

 A solution of sodium sulfate
 A solution of sodium sulfate is prescribed for adults to take a dosage 15-30gr at once.

For children, the dosage of solution is calculated by years: 1g for one year of life.

Take a laxative is best on an empty stomach.

To prepare the solution 30g of powder should be diluted in warm water.

side effects

The solution can cause digestive disorders, intestinal cramps, nausea, excessive urination.

Contraindications specified in the instructions to the sulfate sodium

Saline laxatives are contraindicated in acute inflammation of the abdominal cavity: ulcerative gastrointestinal disease, ulcerative colon inflammation, peritonitis, appendicitis, during menstruation, pregnancy, hemorrhoids in the acute stage, exhaustion, hypotension, in old age.

Prolonged therapy is contraindicated sodium sulfate as it violates the absorption of drugs and nutrients from food.