Remo Wax

Remo Wax - Hypoallergenic solution for regular hygiene ears.  Remo Wax

Structure and Composition

According to the instructions Remo Wax comes in the form of a solution for instillation into the ear canal. The plastic bottle 1 with the dispenser 10 ml Remo wax, which contains 3 mg allantoin 1 mg benzethonium chloride, butilgidroksitoluena 1 mg, 5 mg phenylethanol, 2 mg of sorbic acid, liquid lanolin, mink oil, emulsifiers and fillers, water.

Pharmacological action Remo blacking

According to the instructions Remo wax helps dissolve earwax (secretion glands of the external auditory meatus). Normally, earwax removed yourself during chewing. In some states (ear canal irritation with dust, water, headphones, ear plugs, a sharp change of climate, skin diseases) secretion of sulfur increased many times over, and can accumulate to form sulfuric cork. In turn, the cerumen impaction leading to hearing loss, headaches, nausea.

Remo wax does not contain corrosive components and antibacterial drugs, so can be used in children from birth. Its constituent lanolin, mink oil, allantoin, promote secession dead cells of the auditory passage, narrows pores and inhibit the growth of microorganisms. A phenylethanol and butilgidroksitoluen promote the penetration of other components in the thickness of cerumen and its softening. Sorbic acid helps to moisten the cork, allowing you to wash it more easily.


According to the instructions Remo wax is recommended to remove excess ear wax in adults and children from birth. Especially drug needs the following groups of patients:

  • young children;
  • individuals who are actively engaged in swimming;
  • persons who use earphones and hearing aids;
  • elderly people with hearing loss.

Contraindications Remo blacking

This drug should not be used if the patient has pain in the ears, secretions from the ear canal, as well as damage to the eardrum.

Dosing and Administration

According to the instructions Remo wax is recommended to dig into the ear canal. Before use, you must first hold the bottle in your hand for 2 minutes, the temperature began to be close to body temperature.

The patient must lie on your side. In order to straighten the external auditory canal is necessary to pull the earlobe backward and downward (in infants need to shift the ear back and up), then the rear of the drip 20 drops of the drug (number of solution depends on the size of the ear canal, the solution level should reach the border go to the ear).

Attention! Burying solution into the center of the ear may lead to the formation of air pockets (especially if the ear canal is narrow tortuous course after an inflammatory disease).

After instillation Remo polish, from the reviews, the patient may be feeling the presence of fluid in the ear for a few minutes. This effect is due to the presence of humectants in the formulation components.

Put in the ear wool or cotton pads after instillation Remo shoe polish is not necessary, as they absorb the solution prior to its exposure.

After instillation should wait about 10 minutes. Then turn over and pour out the solution for 1 minute (you can also lean over the surface). By dissolving sulfur effluent solution may be brown. No additional washing after using Remo shoe polish is required.

The drug should be used one time in 14 days for regular hygiene ear.  Dosage form blacking Remo - solution for instillation into the ear canal

If a patient cerumen Remo blacking exposure time should be increased to an hour. In some cases it may be required daily (5 times) repeating the procedure.

According to reviews, Remo Wax hypoallergenic and safe to use even in children with allergic and skin diseases. The clinical studies have proven the safety of the drug in prolonged use.

Analogs Remo blacking

Completely similar drugs on ingredients none.

Analogues Remo blacking are medicines that are similar in their effect: A-cerumen, baby Audi, Audi Spray, tserumeks. Before replacing Remo blacking analogue should consult a doctor.


Children under 3 years old use cotton swabs may cause otitis externa. Cotton swabs should be used for cleaning of the ear. Shelf life Remo wax is not reduced after the opening of the bottle in the case of regular use.