Pregnoton - balanced mix of vitamins and minerals designed for high-quality preparation of the modern woman to conceive a child.

 Pregnoton - balanced mix of vitamins and minerals designed for high-quality preparation of the modern woman to conceive a child
 The drug Pregnoton, due to the properties of its constituent components, used to prepare the female body for a harmonious transition in pregnancy:

  • Eliminate the negative effects of stress, excessive emotional stress, adverse environmental effects;
  • It helps normalize the menstrual cycle, eliminating the hormonal imbalance;
  • It improves blood circulation, including pelvic;
  • Increases fertility, stimulates the female reproductive system;
  • To create optimal conditions for conception, to remedy the lack of vitamins and minerals necessary for the formation and development of a healthy embryo from the moment of fertilization.

Formulation Pregnoton properties of components

Pregnoton, according to instructions, dietary supplement to the diet, complementary deficiency of macro- and microelements and vitamins due to members of the following elements:

  • Vitamin B9 - Folic acid (vitamin for women). An important component to form the placenta and other blood vessels in the uterus at conception and development of the fetus. It requires large amounts during early pregnancy in the period of intensive development of the fetus for growth and cell division. Regular intake Pregnotona reduces the risk of bleeding and miscarriage in women, prevents formation of fetal neural tube defects;
  • Vitamin B6 - pyridoxine. Reduces irritability and aggressiveness of a pregnant woman in the first trimester of pregnancy reduces the frequency and intensity of toxicosis. Vitamin B6 in Pregnotone involved in the synthesis of proteins and amino acids, which are the basis for the formation of fetal cells. It required for the formation of the brain and central nervous system of the embryo;
  • Vitamin C. The composition Pregnotona vitamin C participates in the synthesis of collagen - basic coupling element and the bone tissue of the vessel walls. Required components of carbohydrate metabolism, cholesterol metabolism, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and many other biochemical processes and reactions. Anti-inflammatory effect. Deficiency of vitamin C reduces immunity, provokes weakening of the capillary walls, which could lead to thinning and damage the fetal membranes;
  • Vitamin E. The composition of vitamin E improves Pregnotona saturation and fetal tissues of pregnant oxygen, normalizes metabolism. Lack of vitamin E results in muscle weakness, pain syndrome increases the risk of miscarriage. In the fetus, formed a shortage of vitamin E, a high risk of hemolytic anemia and blurred vision;
  • The amino acid L-arginine. Dilates blood vessels, improving blood flow and tissue oxygenation;
  • Magnesium. Required consisting Pregnotona microcell more involved in the regulation of biochemical processes in the body 300, transmits electric pulses between cells. It is required for activation of amino acids and protein synthesis during pregnancy amplifying several times. Magnesium deficiency at the time of conception and in early pregnancy can cause eclampsia (high blood pressure, seizures) expectant mother, slow the growth of the fetus trigger a miscarriage;
  • Selenium. Trace elements in Pregnotone, which is part of most enzymes, enhances fertility, increasing fertility. As a result of selenium deficiency can be disrupted hormonal balance, strengthened intoxication mother and child with heavy metals;
  • Zinc. Trace elements necessary for the synthesis of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and nucleic acids. As part Pregnotona zinc is involved in the development and normal functioning of the DNA in the nucleus of cells during ontogeny. Zinc deficiency during conception and pregnancy can cause detachment of the placenta, increasing the likelihood of congenital malformations of the child, to provoke complications during childbirth;
  • Vitex (Vítex) - a plant genus of deciduous (evergreen), family yasnotkovyh. Extract of Vitex in Pregnotone reduce production of the hormone prolactin, and stimulates the production of the hormone progesterone, eliminating the imbalance and normalize their relationship needed for successful implantation of a fertilized egg. Vitex in a preparation Pregnoton, reviews, helps to eliminate the reasons for which a woman can not get pregnant.

Indications to receive the drug Pregnoton, according to instructions

 The drug is not a cure Pregnoton, before its application is recommended to consult a doctor
 The modern world is saturated with chemicals and physical agents that are getting into the woman's body, reduce its ability to fertilize and increase the risk of various pathologies of the formation of the fetus. It nitrates, exhaust gases, free radicals, toxic substances, electromagnetic fields, positive air ions, X-ray and other radiation exposure, high temperatures, and more.

The drug Pregnoton, reviews, contributes to a significant reduction in the impact of these factors on the woman's body, neutralizes the effects of their devastating effects.

The drug Pregnoton, according to instructions, it is recommended to start taking a few months before planned conception, once a day, dissolve 1 package of 100-150 ml of water during meals. Duration of dosing Pregnoton is three months before the planned pregnancy or in combination therapy for diseases of the female reproductive organs, according to the destination of the attending physician.


The drug Pregnoton, reviews, is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance of the product components. The drug is not a cure Pregnoton, before its application is recommended to consult a doctor.

Storage conditions

The drug is recommended Pregnoton be protected from light, out of reach of children, dry and cool place. Shelf life Pregnotona - 2 years from the date on the package.