The herb wormwood
 Useful properties of wormwood

Wormwood - one of the 200 species of wormwood growing in Russia and is widely used in medicine. This type of medicinal plants are distinguished silver-gray leaves and stems, yellow flowers. Also called wormwood white wormwood, field, this, the widow of grass Emshanov.

Useful stems, roots of wormwood. The lower part of the stiff stems are used.

To preserve the medicinal properties of wormwood, its leaves are harvested before it starts to bloom, cut the stems with the tops, dried in a well ventilated, dark room. Store plant material can no longer than two years.

Seen such useful properties of wormwood: it tones, cleanses the body, helps to remove parasites, to deal with chlamydia, gonococci, fungi, toxoplasma, viruses, ureaplasma.

Treatment wormwood

In the pathology of the liver can take a powder wormwood and sage (1: 5) of 200-500mg three times a day.

The infusion of wormwood improves blood circulation and metabolism, so effective in obesity. Prepare it as follows: one or two teaspoons of finely chopped herb wormwood pour 200ml boiled water, 20 min.

This infusion stimulates the excretion of bile and digestion, helps with excessive swelling and a feeling of fullness in the abdomen, jaundice, gallstones, stones and sand in the kidneys, malaria.

Drink infusion of herbs wormwood a day for 1, 5h before meals, three times a day.

Wormwood is used for the treatment of helminthiasis in different ways, there are several effective prescriptions.

You can prepare a mixture of powders of wormwood, flax seeds, cloves. Each of the components take on 0, 5 teaspoons. Wash down the resulting mixture of carrot juice is better. The tool works by such properties of wormwood, as the impact of mature individuals over a hundred species of parasites, cloves also neutralizes the larvae and eggs of worms, so to combine those components required. Flax seeds are included in the tool since they have an antibacterial effect.

You can make a tincture of wormwood and pumpkin seeds. Take wormwood leaves and pumpkin seeds in equal shares, pour vodka (1: 3), aged 7 days in the sun, or simply in a warm place. Drink infusion should be twice a day, 50ml on an empty stomach, in the afternoon for 30 minutes before a meal. The treatment lasts several weeks.

Effective treatment and dry sagebrush. For this fray 100g of dry grass wormwood. Take the powder dry for three days, eating a spoonful of tea without slides every 2, 5 h., Washed down with water. It is believed that the wormwood anthelmintic properties when applied in dry form is better shown, since in liquid form, it can not fully reach the colon, and for successful treatment of helminth desirable to treat all parts of the digestive tract.

You can apply and "Russian Triad" - a mixture of powders of wormwood, clove seeds and tansy. This tool helps you get rid of the tape and round worms, bacteria, protozoa, many types of viruses, fungi. The components taken in the ratio 1: 4: 2 - wormwood, clove, tansy. For example, at 25g Artemisia has to 100g and 50g of tansy clove seeds.

 Wormwood tincture
 A single dose of the funds - 1, 75g or one teaspoon without slides. Begin treatment with a single dose of the reception for 30 minutes before eating. Two single dose per day take on the next day, and then for three weeks taking single dose (before breakfast, lunch, dinner). Week is usually enough to get rid of parasites, but then "Russian Triad" is recommended to take a preventive measure for six months or a year, once a week - take three portions (5, 25d) means a day.

The roots of wormwood help in rectal cancer, stomach cancer. To prepare the treatment broth 2 tablespoons tablespoons chopped dried roots pour 200ml boiling water and boil for 10 minutes on low heat under the lid closed. Take the cooled and filtered decoction 3 times a day - two tablespoons of table half an hour before meals. In cancer of the uterus can be further done every day douching diluted decoction of wormwood. To do this, 200ml of broth with boiled water is brought up to a liter.


Prolonged treatment with wormwood and its application in large quantities can cause a breakdown, so any therapeutic course can not last more than two weeks. If you need longer treatment, wormwood is better to take steps, taking a break between them in two weeks.

Herb wormwood not take nursing, pregnant women, with enterocolitis, anemia, bleeding, gastritis with low acidity, stomach ulcers, are hypersensitive.