Alerana shampoo

 Alerana shampoo for oily hair
 Alerana shampoo is used to treat baldness.

Pharmacological action

The active ingredient of shampoo - pinacidil which, when applied topically, improve microcirculation, activate the transition of the hair follicles in growth phase, to prevent adverse effects on androgen hormones hair follicles, inhibits the production of 5-alpha-degidrosterona causing baldness.

The first signs of re-growth of hair appear not earlier than four months after the start of the application of funds. After the treatment the hair growth stops and over 3-4mes. can be returned to its original state. To prevent relapse is recommended Alerana shampoo and other means of this series at least twice a year.

Keep in mind that the shampoo is not effective if baldness is caused by poor diet, hair care, or a side effect of medications.

Release form and the shampoo Alerana

Produce Shampoo in plastic bottles with a capacity 200ml.

In addition to the shampoo Alerana active ingredient additionally contains components for skin head: horse chestnut extract, wormwood and sage, have a calming effect, poppy seed extract, giving hair shine and vitamin B5, moisturizing the scalp.


Shampoo Alerana used to stop hair loss in women, men and restore hair damaged by exposure to sexual male hormone androgen (androgenic alopecia).

Instructions for use shampoo for hair growth Alerana

Shampoo in small amounts applied to wet hair, massage the scalp, beating foam left for 1-3min and wash.

 Alerana shampoo for men
 Judging by the reviews, Alerana shampoo suitable for everyday use and is most effective when used at a young age, at a rate of not more than 10cm of baldness, the presence on it of terminal and vellus hair in the treatment of diseases which are not more than 10 years.

Also, a good effect was observed when using multiple products Alerana, for example, shampoo and balsam or shampoo and hair spray.

side effects

Reviews of shampoo Alerana its tolerability in the majority positive. In rare cases intolerances may cause local allergic reaction.

Inside means Alerana apply strictly forbidden and should be processed exclusively with the problem area hair growth - in order to avoid unwanted body hair.


Shampoo Alerana can not be used in case of hypersensitivity to its components.

Not recommended funds Alerana with hair loss of unknown origin.