Knott drops
 Nott - a complex homeopathic medication used in sleep disorders and increased nervous excitability.

Pharmacological action

The active ingredients of the drug Knott have anxiolytic effects. Application Nott improves psycho-emotional stress tolerance and normalization of the physiological rhythm of sleep.

Form release Knott

Homeopathic medicine Knott produced in the form:

  • Transparent drops for intake without a specific smell, in dark bottles with a dropper of 20, 50 or 100 ml;
  • Round sublingual tablets, 12, 24, 36 or 48 pieces in blisters.

100 ml of drops or in one tablet Knott includes five active components:

  • 20 or 74 ml, 5 mg oat (Avena sativa) D1;
  • 10 or 37 ml, 2 mg of chamomile (Chamomilla) D12;
  • 10 or 37 ml, 2 mg of phosphorus (Phosphorus) D12;
  • 10 or 37 ml, 2 mg of zinc valerianata (Zincum valerianicum) D12;
  • 10 or 37 ml, 2 mg of coffee tree (Coffea) D12.

Indications Knott

According to the instructions Knott used for:

  • Anxiety and fear;
  • Autonomic lability expressed as sweating or palpitations;
  • Mental stress;
  • Mood lability with neurotic and psychosomatic disorders;
  • Irritability or fatigue;
  • Sleep disorders.

Application Review Knott effective in children under three years of attention disorders, fatigue and irritability, restlessness.


Knott's contraindicated for instructions apply only in cases of hypersensitivity to the active or auxiliary ingredients.

The question of the application of Knott in children under 3 years, during pregnancy and lactation is decided by the doctor individually due to lack of necessary clinical data.

Dosing Knott

According to the instructions Knott's take a course from one to four months, three times a day:

  • Adults and adolescents - 1 tablet or 10 drops;
  • Children 3-12 years old - to 5 drops.

If the condition is caused by traumatic situation, the drug Knott Review is effective for the duration of admission from one week to a month. If necessary rapid relief of symptoms and at the beginning of the disease, dosing frequency can be increased to 8 times per day.

Application Knott is most effective when taking the drug for 30 minutes before or after one or two hours after a meal. Drops may be administered in pure form or diluted in one tablespoon of water. Knott's recommended to keep the tablet under the tongue until complete resorption, and drops before swallowing held some time in the mouth.  Knott pills

Cases of drug overdose, and Knott's significant interactions with other drugs have been identified.

Side effects

According to reviews Knott's is a safe drug for all age groups and causes no side effects.

Storage conditions

Knott refers to a number of homeopathic medicines without prescription. Shelf life drops - 5 years, tablets - 3 years. Attenuation taste or odor and slight turbidity of the solution during storage does not result in a lower efficacy.