But salt

 But salt spray
 But salt - a treatment for the common cold.

Pharmacological action

But salt - a hypotonic solution of sodium chloride, which, when introduced into the nasal cavity mucous hydrates, removes allergens, microbes, dust from the nasal mucous softens formed in the nose cover, facilitating their removal.

The tool helps to relieve swelling of the nasal mucosa, prevents the development of otitis media.

It is also observed that using No-salt well removes dead skin flakes and after surgery on the nose, with the open probability is very low bleeding.

Release form but salt

Producing drops and sprays But salt.


The funds are used for complex treatment of acute, chronic diseases of the nasopharynx, paranasal sinuses, nasal cavity of different origin: sinusitis, atrophic, infectious, allergic rhinitis, nasopharyngitis.

According to the instructions, but salt should be used in acute epidemics, autumn and winter - for the prophylactic treatment of paranasal sinuses, nasal cavity, nasopharynx.

Means often include a complex treatment involving other drugs for the treatment of the nasal cavity - and the spray drop improve their absorption. Also, it is recommended for daily care of hygiene nasal cavity.

Instructions for use, but salt

Drops No-salt for the treatment of adult shows instill 2kap. in each nostril, children after a year - one or two drops of 3-4r / day. As a preventive measure means Bury 1-4r / day.

But salt spray for the treatment of rhinitis adult prescribe use two doses, and to children after two years - one or two doses in each nostril to 4p / day. The treatment lasts for three weeks, on average, in a month, you can pass a second course.

For the hygienic treatment of nasal spray irrigate nasal mucous 2-3r / day.

P  But salt - a treatment for the common cold
 rimenyaya drops and sprays for therapeutic purposes be sure to pre-clear the accumulated mucus from the nose.

Side effects

Because of individual allergies may cause irritation of the nasal mucosa.

Information about overdose with no clinically significant consequences.

Contra-indicated in the instructions, but salt

Do not use salt, but in case of hypersensitivity. But salt spray can not be used in children under two years.

Drops No-salt according to the instructions is used for the treatment of newborn babies.

Allowed to use spray droplets and lactating and pregnant women. Patients with severe pulmonary, cardiac insufficiency, the means employed should regularly monitor the blood electrolyte balance.

The incidence of adverse interaction between the droplets and spray with other drugs have been recorded.