Adonis Brom

 Extract adonis - the basis of the composition of Adonis Brom

Medicament Adonis-bromo relates to sedative group. Its composition is based on an extract of Adonis (the scientific name of the plant - Adonis) and potassium bromide, which helps provide soothing and cardiac effects.

In folk medicine, adonis used since the seventeenth century, in our time of its medicinal properties were used in the manufacture of a medicament Adonis bromine. The drug is also characterized by the diuretic effect.

In some cases, a bromine Adonis

Adonis bromo is assigned a number of diseases of the cardiovascular and central nervous system, as well as symptoms such as irritability, poor circulation, nervous disorders, insomnia.

Use of the drug Adonis bromine helps to normalize blood circulation and prevent the development of chronic form of heart failure. According to the instructions, Adonis bromine produces a tonic effect on the vagus nerve, which helps to normalize heart rate.

In combination with other medicines prescribed by your doctor, Adonis bromine can be used in the treatment of dystonia neurocirculatory.

Diuretic effect, which has Adonis bromine, eliminates swelling, caused by disorders of cardiac activity and the blood vessels. The drug helps slow the heart rate. A careful study of the instructions Adonis bromine and after consultation with your doctor, you can take the drug for the prevention of diseases of the nervous system.

Application Adonis bromine

 Adonis Brom

Pharmacies Adonis bromine is sold in pill form. They are inside the normal way. The daily dose Adonis-bromo should not exceed 5 tablets. Prophylactic use of bromine tablets Adonis recommend taking no more than two or three a day. The course of treatment involves taking 3-4 tablets for twenty four hours.

Instructions Adonis bromine indicates that the maximum effect of the medication occurs within four hours. Full elimination of components Adonis-bromo from the body comes two days after the last tablet has been taken.

The use of this drug, as well as many other soothing drugs must be accompanied by a strict diet. According to reviews, Adonis bromine allows to achieve the maximum effect, subject to the addition to the diet of foods high in potassium. These include apricots and fresh fruit juices, baked potatoes in the form of, parsley, cucumbers, cabbage, black currants, dried apricots, grapefruit, beans, liver. During treatment with bromine Adonis need to minimize the use of salt and add it in a variety of dishes.

Side effects with the use of Adonis-bromo

Long pills Adonis-bromo can provoke excessive depression of the central nervous system, which will be followed by drowsiness, apathy, lethargy reactions, general weakness and depression of physical activity.

According to some reviews Adonis bromine can cause weakening of the appetite, but in any case it is impossible to abandon the regular meal. From the digestive system disorders are also possible. Rarely, nausea and vomiting, as a consequence of the irritating effect that is drug Adonis bromine on the mucous of the digestive tract.

Contraindications when receiving Adonis bromine

Adonis-bromo not indicated for pathologies associated with the wrong size of the heart and in congenital heart diseases. The instructions Adonis bromine indicated that the drug is not recommended when arrhythmias, impaired cardiac conduction. It is not necessary to prescribe a drug currently own after reading the reviews on Adonis bromine. Only a consultation with a doctor, and in some cases, additional tests may be the basis for the beginning of treatment Adonis bromine.