sodium chloride

H  A solution of sodium chloride 0, 9%
 atrium chloride - plazmozameshchath means.

Pharmacological action

The tool has rehydrated (restoring water balance) and detoxification effect. Due to the shortfall of sodium is effective in various pathological conditions.

Sodium chloride 0% 9 has the same osmotic pressure as in the human blood is therefore able to quickly displayed only briefly increasing blood volume.

External application of saline sodium chloride helps to remove pus from the wound, eliminate pathological microflora.

Intravenous infusion of sodium chloride increases the excretion of urine, for the shortage of chlorine and sodium.

Product form

Sodium chloride produced in the form of a powder, a solution, a solvent for certain medicines, nasal spray.

Indications Sodium chloride

Sodium chloride 0, 9% is prescribed for large losses of extracellular fluid, or in the states in which limited her intake - cholera, indigestion caused by poisoning, diarrhea, vomiting, large burns. Effective solution with hyponatremia, hypochloremia, accompanied by dehydration.

Outwardly saline sodium chloride is used to wash the eyes, nose, wounds dressing to moisten.

Also, a solution with the gastric, intestinal, pulmonary hemorrhage, in case of poisoning, constipation, for forced diuresis.


Do not take sodium chloride when: a high level of sodium, with hypokalemia, extracellular fluid overload, blood circulation disorders, because of which may develop pulmonary edema or brain, with acute left ventricular failure, renal failure, decompensated chronic heart failure.

It is not recommended to combine the product with high-dose corticosteroids.

When assigning sodium chloride in large dosages needed to monitor the level of electrolytes in the urine, plasma.

You can not enter the solution under the skin - can develop necrosis.

Instructions for use Sodium chloride

 sodium chloride
 Before the introduction of sodium chloride solution should be heated to 36-38grd. When dehydration agent dosage is determined individually and an average of 1 liter / day. If the poisoning is severe or there is a large loss of fluid can be administered to a solution of up to 3 liters / day. In this case, use a dropper sodium chloride, deposit funds to rate 540ml / h.

Babies with dehydration, accompanied by reduced blood pressure, the solution is administered in an amount of 20-30ml / kg body weight.

For gastric lavage using 2-5% solution, is used to eliminate constipation enema with a solution of 5% - administered rectally 75-00ml.

Drip sodium chloride 10% is used for intestinal, gastric, pulmonary hemorrhage, for diuresis - slowly injected intravenously 10-20ml solution.

In carrying out the complex treatment of respiratory diseases prescribed rinsing and wiping bath with 1-2% solution.

For the treatment of colds as an aid in using sodium chloride for inhalation. For children, the drug is mixed with a solution Mucosolvan - 1 ml of each of the funds and spend three inhalations p / day for 5-7min. Adults can do inhalation for 10min.

Sodium chloride for inhalation can be combined with Berodual - bronchodilator. For the procedure mix 2-4ml Berodual and 1-1, 5 ml of sodium chloride 0, 9%.

side effects

Long-term use of the solution and its use in excessive doses can cause overhydration, acidosis, hypokalemia.