Ant alcohol

 Ant alcohol
 Ant alcohol - is used for relieving pain, healing of tissue.

Pharmacological action

Ant alcohol - alcoholic solution of formic acid, which is used in medicine as a bactericide, anti-inflammatory agent.

Its use in the production of ointments, solutions.

Alcohol has local irritating, cleansing action, improves blood flow in the tissue dilates blood vessels, reduces pain and inflammation.

In nature, formic acid is found in fruits, needles, it is isolated from the peritoneum ants, bee stings. But given the volume of production in modern medicine use the formic acid produced by the organic synthesis.

The alcohol in the alcohol 986gr 14gr 70% is formic acid.

Product form

The alcohol is available in vials as a 1, 4% solution. Let alcohol without a prescription.

Indications Ant alcohol

External application of ant alcohol indicated for periarthritis, myalgia, neuralgia, pain in the joints, arthralgia, non-specific policy and monoarthritis.

Successfully used ant alcohol acne.


The tool can not be applied to damaged and irritated skin, mucous membranes, used inside.

Best of all alcohol for oily and combination skin, it is undesirable to use it for people with sensitive, dry skin (but it all depends on individual tolerance, previously should consult a dermatologist).

Instructions for use Ant alcohol

To eliminate the pain in the joints, in various arthritis, myalgia, neuralgia alcohol rubbed into the painful area several p / day. After applying the alcohol necessary for effect to impose hot compress to the treated area.

 Successfully used ant alcohol acne
 Ant alcohol is used for acne because: it is applied to the affected area in a circular soft movements with a cotton swab or a disk. The skin was cleaned with alcohol before the treatment is not necessary, since this can lead to excessive dryness. After applying ant alcohol necessarily be applied moisturizer (but only after the alcohol is completely dry).

Treatment of acne usually lasts 2ned-1mes.

Before applying ant alcohol on the skin should be required to conduct allergy tests: Apply it on the skin and better in the areas to be treated (where there are pimples and blackheads). If one day there is not an allergic reaction, you can use alcohol for the treatment of acne.

Side effects

Alcohol based formic acid may cause allergies, itching, burning, and redness in the skin.