Multi-tabs Immuno
 Multi-tabs - vitamin complex.

Pharmacological action

The complex Multi-tabs include various groups of vitamins, which cause its action.

Vitamin A affects the growth of the epithelium, the state organs of vision, bone, immune system; Vitamin D is responsible for the exchange of calcium and phosphorous; Vitamin E - an important antioxidant, vitamin B1 is responsible for the conduction of nerve impulses to be involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates; Vitamin B2 is important for the growth of the organs, the nervous system; Vitamin B6 is involved in the blood, beneficial effects on the liver; Vitamin B12 is involved in the general metabolism; Vitamin K is responsible for the production of proteins and blood clotting.

The complex also includes Multi-tabs nicotinamide (involved in carbohydrate, fat metabolism, provides respiration of cells), pantothenic acid (helps to produce antibodies and hormones), folic acid (involved in the production of essential amino acids, in general metabolism), ascorbic acid (essential Health of skin, bone, teeth, immune system, capillaries iron (trace element important for the formation of hemoglobin), zinc (responsible for the metabolism of fats and proteins), manganese (stimulates immunoglobulin), magnesium (important for the conduction of nerve cells), copper (helps produce proteins) chromium (involved in the synthesis of insulin), selenium (antioxidant), iodine (responsible for the production of thyroid gland hormones).

A variety of drugs are complex multi tabs Kid Multi tabs immuno plus.

A series of "Kid" is designed for children 1-4 years old, it indicated vitamins, trace elements contained in smaller doses recommended for this age.

The complex of "immune" than those listed components further includes probiotics - lactic acid bacteria, the state stabilizing intestinal flora, slowing the development of pathogenic micro-organisms and prevents them from settling in the digestive tract.

Product form

Vitamins Multi-tabs release tablets.

Indications Multi vitamins tabs

Classic Complex Multi tabs for children after 4 years and adults shows the shortage of vitamins and minerals.

Good reviews of the Multi-tabs, used to prevent shortages of vital substances by adults and children (from 10 l.) In the state, accompanied by a sharp loss of vitamins and minerals (diarrhea, diseases of the digestive tract), an increased need for vitamins (active growth, various diseases), and poor and unbalanced diet, smoking, living in regions with a poor environment.

Multi-tabs Immuno effective in preventing acute respiratory infections (viral incl), especially during epidemics in the prevention and treatment of beriberi, preventing reduction in the local, general immunity during the passage of antibiotic therapy. The complex also prescribed to stabilize the balance of the intestinal microflora, increasing the body's defenses after previous infections and other diseases.

Multiple tabs for children 1-4l. It is also indicated for the prevention and elimination of vitamin deficiency, lack of replenishment of minerals to ensure proper development of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, the bodies responsible for  Multi tabs baby
 the growth of the child.

Also Multi tabs kid shows during recovery and malnutrition.


Vitamin complex it is not suitable for individual intolerance.

Classic Multi tabs for children up to 4 years is contraindicated series "immune" is not recommended for children up to 12l.

Do not assign Multi-tabs vitamins for pregnant women and those who are already taking other multivitamin preparations.

There was no negative interaction complexes with other drugs (with the proviso that the vitamins are taken at the recommended dosages).

Instructions for use Multi-tabs

Vitamins Multi-tabs (series "immune" and "Kid" including) take one pills / day. while eating or after.

side effects

Vitamins are generally well tolerated, only in cases of individual sensitivity to component systems may experience allergic reactions.

Also, judging by the reviews of the Multi-tabs, pills before a meal can cause the child discomfort in the abdomen.