Minoxidil 5
 Minoxidil - dermotropic drug used in the alopecia to stabilize the process of hair loss and hair restoration.

Pharmacological action

The active ingredient is Minoxidil stimulates hair growth, as well as hypotensive and vasodilating action. The preparation increases plasma renin activity, reduces the load on the myocardium, promotes water and sodium retention and cause an increase in cardiac output.

The mechanism of hair growth promoting effect of the drug is not completely clear. It is assumed that hair growth provides improved microcirculation in the skin, and stimulation of the hair follicles of the transition phase of dormancy in the growth phase.

In the opinion of Minoxidil is most effective if the disease duration less than 10 years, as well as the size of baldness in the crown does not exceed 10 cm.

Minoxidil does not prevent hair loss that causes drugs, iron deficiency and vitamin A and long wearing tight hairstyles.

The greatest positive effect Minoxidil is when disease duration is not more than 3-5 years.

Pharmacies Minoxidil can be purchased as part of various drugs.

Indications for use of Minoxidil

Minoxidil is indicated for androgenetic alopecia to stabilize the process of hair loss and hair restoration.


Minoxidil is contraindicated to use in inflammation, redness, pain, or infection of the scalp, and in case of hypersensitivity to the drug.

Minoxidil also should not be used during pregnancy and lactation, as well as under the age of 18 and after 65 years.

Instructions for use Minoxidil

 Minoxidil solution or spray is recommended to be applied in the morning and evening.

Generally, hair growth begins after 4 months after the daily topical Minoxidil solution Minoxidil 2% or 5%. After discontinuation of the drug usually stops the growth of new hair and hair restoration in 3-4 months can fall.

side effects

When using Minoxidil for reviews may experience different dermatologic reactions - redness, flaking scalp and itching, as well as hypotension. In some cases, it may start unwanted hair growth on the body or on the face of women.

In case of other side effects, such as heart rate, lowering blood pressure, retrosternal pain, swelling of the hands or feet, dizziness or a sudden increase in body weight, use of the drug should be discontinued.

Sometimes when using Minoxidil can change the color and hair texture.

Pharmacies Minoxidil buy is difficult. However, there are many products containing it as an active ingredient:

  • Minoxidil 5% contained in a spray Alerana;
  • Minoxidil 2% is contained in the spray Alerana, Revas, solutions Regeyn, Kosilon and other medicines.