Marin root

 Marin root - a wild plant that grows in Eastern Siberia
 Marin root growing in Eastern Siberia, is considered to be a wild plant, but due to the fact that it brought in the Red Book, it began to be grown in home gardens. Second name Marina root - peony.

Useful properties of Marina root

Interest in medicine is the root of the plant. It contains volatile oils, glycosides, binders, gallic acid and salicylic, flavonoids, sterols, starch, mineral salts, saponins, sugars.

The official medicine treatment Maryino root is prescribed for poor appetite and digestion, low gastric acidity. Additionally it found that extracts of the root with water or alcohol has an analgesic effect, but their therapeutic effect is only 2-4 months under constant use tinctures.

Application root Marina in folk medicine is not limited to gastrointestinal diseases. Tincture of the root is used in bleeding, rheumatism, hypertension, insomnia, gout, epilepsy, to treat coughs, recovery of metabolism, removal of emotional stress, recovery of the nervous system in general, to eliminate compulsive disorder, treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia, cardiac neurosis, nervous tic , mastitis.

It is also noted that drugs based on plants improve the mood - they affect the production of endorphins.

Application root Marina

To prepare the tincture of the root Marina, 100g plant roots pour 100 g alcohol per week are kept in a dark place. The infusion of drink 40 drops of 10 minutes. before meals for 40 days, after which is ten-day break.

If there is intolerance to alcohol or drink it is impossible to make water on the roots of tincture. To this end, a tea spoon of crushed root pour 500ml boiling water, cover and stand overnight and in the morning strain. Take tincture of 0, 25 cups for 10-15min. before meals. Keep it better in the cold.

Anti-inflammatory properties of Marina roots are used to eliminate joint pain, reduce inflammation of the sciatic nerve. For the treatment of preparing the ointment: fresh root plants rub, mix with interior pork fat. What happened half an hour in a water bath tantalized. When the cream has cooled, it is impregnated with a linen cloth, and at night it is applied to aching joints, wrapped a woolen cloth. When inflammation of the sciatic nerve should be three p / day to rub ointment into the affected area. The benefits will be greater if at the same time using the ointment with external nerve inflammation ingest alcohol tincture.

For oral administration can be prepared decoction of the root of the Marina, one spoon of roots poured into an enamel pan, pour 200ml boiling water, a half-hour warm water bath, filter. During treatment Maryino root decoction drink 0, 5 tablespoons of the dining room 30 minutes before meals 4-5 p / day.  Marin root

A lot of positive feedback about the treatment plant with the help of infertility. Prepare a tincture: 50g raw minced root pour 500ml vodka (not more than 40 degrees strength) After 10 days in a dark place. The infusion take 1 spoon three p / day in the same time.

During the treatment should not take other medicines, drinking alcohol, smoking. Women in the treatment of infertility 20-25l enough to drink two bottles of liqueur, prepared for this recipe. It has been observed that the best help for infertility roots dug in late July or early August. At the same time you need to take them from the bush, the trunk is light, not dark, it is called "feminine."

Contraindications to the use of the root Marina

Marin root is considered a poisonous plant, so its dosage must be strictly observed. With care prescribe infusion and decoction of the roots of those who suffer from gastritis with high acidity, low pressure.

Also, the plant is contraindicated for children under 12 liters, pregnant women, with individual intolerance to it.