Manin 5
 Manin - Medicines used in diabetes.

Pharmacological action

Manin has hypoglycemic, extrapancreatic, pancreatic action.

Ekstrapankreticheskaya activity appears to increase the sensitivity of insulin receptors to insulin, oppression in the process of glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis in the liver. Pancreatic Activity Manin manifested in stimulating the synthesis of beta cells of the pancreas gland insulin.

The active substance Manin - glibenclamide.

Product form

Release tablets Manin 1, 75mg, Manin 3, 5 mg, 5 mg Manin.

Due to the fact that buy Manin it has recently become more complicated (release of the drug is limited due to the need to re-register. According to preliminary data - until the autumn of 2012), there was a need something to replace the Manin.

As substitutes may provide products containing glibenclamide (including combined preparations) and operating expense of another active substance, but belonging to the same group.

Here's a list of what to replace Manin: metformin glyukofast, glyukonorm, glibomet, bagomet plus (containing glibenclamide) glemaz, FS glimepiride, glimepiride Teva, Amarah, diamerid (include glimepiride) diabeton CF (CF contains gliclazide) diabeton, glidiab ( contains gliclazide).

Indications Manin

Manin according to the instructions shown in diabetes of the second type of diabetes (insulin-independent) in cases where the therapy is diet and exercise do not have a hypoglycemic effect.


Manin for instruction is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus of the first type (insulin-dependent), decompensated metabolism (coma, ketoacidosis, precoma) with hypersensitivity states after truncation of pancreatic cancer, in severe renal, hepatic pathologies, in some acute conditions (for example, when burns, decompensation of carbohydrate metabolism in infections, injuries, after major surgery, when insulin treatment is indicated).

You also can not be used when Manin: intestinal obstruction, leukopenia, gastric paresis, in a state in which the absorption of food is broken or there is a risk of hypoglycemia, during lactation, pregnancy.

Instructions for use Manin

Treatment Mannino 3, 5 mg start with 0, 5-1 tablets then pass one tablet per day. The maximum dose - three tablets, but in rare cases, be permitted to take four tablets. If the daily dosage Mannino 3, 5 is no more than two tablets, they are received at one time, usually in the morning. If the patient was appointed to take more pills, take them two times.

The initial dose Manin 5 - 0, 5 tablets. Continue the treatment by taking two tablets Manin 5. The maximum allowable dosage - 3-4tabl Manin 5 / day.

You can buy Manin 1, 75 mg. Begin treatment with 0, 5tabl., Then move on to two tablets. Do not take more than three  Glibomet - analogue of Manin
 pieces rarely prescribed four tablets Manin / day. If the patient needs a higher dosage, it is transferred to the Manin 3, 5.

The instructions Manin stated that the scheme of its application may vary. Given that you can buy Manin in three pharmacological forms developed twenty therapeutic regimens.

Before replacing Manin analogues should get medical advice - the application of the scheme, contraindications and possible side effects may vary.

side effects

Manin 3, 5, 5 and 1 Manin, 75mg can trigger hypoglycemia (if overdose missed receiving funds, excessive drinking, increased physical exertion), cause nausea, hepatitis, cholestatic jaundice, vomiting, thrombocytopenia, hemolytic anemia, erythropenia, granulocytopenia, skin rash, proteinuria.

Manin also can cause joint pain, fever, photosensitivity, accommodation disorders (early treatment).