Lipikar - an external tool to restore the lipid deficiency of the skin.

Pharmacological action Lipikar

 Lipikar Balm
 External funds Lipikar were developed specifically for the pathologically dry, dehydrated skin - a condition that occurs due to violation of fat.

The deficit of lipids in the skin occurs due to the use of modern aggressive detergents, body lotions and other cosmetics, abuse of sunbathing or solarium.

The fat layer of the skin - protective barrier that protects it from dehydration, so deprived of natural protection, the skin thickens, dries, the man begins to feel discomfort: tingling, itching and tightness. It is proved that a violation of the natural fat - is one of the causes of premature skin aging.

Series Lipikar - funds intended for the intensive exposure to dry skin. The basis of their actions - karite oil and canola oil (a type of canola grown in the US), which contain a lot of omega 3 and 6, known for their lipidovospolnyayuschim action. Excipients: glycerol, known for its soothing effect, glycine, relieves itching, healing, soothing thermal water.

After applying the balm or cream Lipikar skin stops flaking and itching, it increases immunity against environmental influences, faster heal microtrauma,

Reviews Lipikar characterize the brand as a means of high-performance: the skin is noticeably softened immediately after application, and there is no itching for the next day after their application.

Product form

Producing an emulsion, soap, lotion, gel, balm, cream Lipikar.


Tools Lipikar designed for dry skin, prone to frequent allergic reactions - a disease in dermatology called atopy

Lipikar can be used for treatment of the skin of children from birth - in the media no parabens and fragrances.

How to use a cream, balm Lipikar

Lipikar Balm Cream or cause one p / night on clean, dry skin.

The skin to be treated, must be cleaned with detergents, in which no soaps. Such means can be used moisturizing gel for face and body Lipikar syndet.  Lipikar cream

Side effects Lipikar

No reviews Lipikar, causing side effects.

Because funds are hypersensitive allergy may occur.


The only contraindication to the use of creams, balms Lipikar and other means of this series is their idiosyncrasy.

Funds approved for use during pregnancy, but the obligatory consultation of the gynecologist.