Liv52 pills
 Liv52 - means to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Pharmacological action

Liv52 - a hepatoprotector vegetable origin, which is the main purpose of restoration of liver cells and their biological functions.

The drug reduces the negative impact of toxins in the liver, relieves symptoms of biliary dyskinesia, removes bile, improves digestion and appetite, has a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant effect.

The basis of preparation make extracts of black nightshade, caper, dioecious tamarisk, Western cassia, terminals, yarrow.

Product form

Producing Liv52 drops and tablets.

Indications Liv52

Application Liv52 shown at: acute, chronic hepatitis of different origins (provoked by alcohol, drugs, viruses, other factors), liver cirrhosis and conditions, it is preceded, if biliary dyskinesia, fatty liver degeneration, cholecystitis.

Positive feedback on Liv52, applied as a prophylactic to protect the liver during the use of antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, sulfonamides, or radiation therapy, after surgery.

Also Liv52 instructions indicated that the drug can be used in treatment of anorexia, general exhaustion, while reducing the weight of the child, paraproteinemia.


Do not take the means at its intolerance, during lactation, pregnancy. Caution should be observed in chronic and acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, infectious hepatitis (due to hepatitis can develop epidermal necrolysis).

Concomitant use Liv52 with doxycycline, tetracycline, ibuprofen may reduce their effect.

Instructions for use Liv52

 Liv52 drops
 Tablets Liv52 take before meals for half an hour. Adults take 2-3tabl. 3-4r / day, children 6l.- after one, two tablets 3-4r / h.

According to the instructions Liv52 prophylactically take two pills two p / day.

Liv52 adults take two drops of p / day for 1-2 tea spoons (80-160kap.). Children after two years are 10-20kap. also two rows / day. For prevention drink a spoonful of tea drops per day.

Side effects

Reviews Liv52 most positive only in case of intolerance to individual could be allergic, dyspepsia.

Recorded data on drug overdose not.